Francesca Michielin and her new boyfriend Davide Spigarolo: that's who she really is

Osteopath and personal trainer profession. Graduated in sports science and coach of the Bassano Athletic Group 1948. She, usually allergic to talking about her private life, is an exception. For those who stole her heart

 francesca.michielin-boyfriend-davide-spigarolo-1920 Francesca Michielin has a new love: that's who the boyfriend Davide Spigarolo is Photo Video

Francesca Michielin has always wanted to keep her private life secret. At least until today. Yes, because she has decided to come out with her new boyfriend. Showing herself more in love than ever. He is Davide Spigarolo. And, digging, we found that ... - Photo | video

LOVE BORN ON HOLIDAY - “September will not be enough to forget the mountains of things we have said to each other”. With a tender dedication, Francesca Michielin announces the existence of a new love to the social world. This is Davide Spigarolo osteopath profession and personal trainer. With work progressing at full speed (he leads the new edition of X Factor and promotes his podcast 'Maschiacchi'), even private life goes hand in hand

Francesca Michielin returns to X Factor: she is the host of the new season - guard

IN THE MOUNTAINS - The Venetian singer, the next presenter of X Factor, at the end of her holiday in South Tyrol has published a series of images on her social channels tagging a mysterious boy. In addition to some stories, Francesca has published a gallery with the sweet caption.

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WHAT DEDICATION! - 'September will not be enough to forget the mountains of things we have said to each other', writes the artist, quoting his dear friend Emma Marrone. The recipient of these words is Davide Spigarolo, osteopath and personal trainer, not just a traveling companion, but Francesca's new boyfriend. There is no doubt that there is a certain tenderness between the two. On his social profile there are other shots together, such as a hug on the sea, in Lussipiccolo, Croatia.

FRANCESCA THE PODCASTER - In addition to conducting the Sky talent show, the singer unveils the second season of her podcast “Maschiacci”, exclusively on Spotify. A show in which Francesca Michelin interviews public figures on issues of diversity and inclusion. With the aim of 'fighting patriarchy and machismo'. First guest, the deputy Pd (and again candidate in the next elections on 25 September) Alessandro Zan.