Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, face to face in court: While he is already divorcing… from his lawyer

The lawyers of the former Roma captain and his (almost) ex-wife had reached an agreement. But he blew it. Now only the judge remains. First appointment on November 11th. And it certainly won't be the last

  blasi-totti-communications-end-of-love-1920 Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti had loved each other so much... Photo Video

The Tottis war comes to duel. Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi have been summoned by the judge, and in this first face-to-face one of the topics should be the now legendary 'abduction of the Rolexes', which would have been perpetrated by the former letter. Waiting to see what will happen, it should be noted that the Captain is facing a second separation, perhaps even more dangerous than that from his ex-wife: he and the lawyer Anna Bernardini de Pace said goodbye. The preview was given by the Dagospia website, and the reason behind this rift is clear: Bernardini had reached an agreement with lawyer Simeone, Blasi's lawyer, an agreement which however had been rejected by her client (and according to some also by Ilary herself) - Photo | video

Chanel Totti, the jab at mother Ilary Blasi and father Francesco Chanel Totti, the jab at mother Ilary Blasi and father Francesco

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, all the secrets of the Tottis war - guard

FRANCIS GOODBYE - At that point, Italy's most famous wedding actress preferred to leave her position and to clear the field of any shadows, she explained to Corriere della Sera : «I wish Francesco all the best. I grew fond of him in three months. He is a man who it is impossible not to love.' Then he explains «In my life I have had 95 percent of consensual separations and 5 percent of judicial ones. I had drawn up an agreement that was not accepted, also because my client did not like it and so Totti and I consummated the separation by mutual agreement». Perhaps however, what made the lawyer nervous was also the visibility given by the media to the story of Francesco Totti with Noemi Bocchi, who have not been particularly cautious in recent times.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, not only luxury bags and shoes have disappeared from the wardrobe ... - guard

THE NEW HOUSE WITH NOEMI - Meanwhile, while the barometer indicates storm with the ex, the love story between Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi seems to accelerate. The couple was intercepted while they were choosing furniture for their new home together ( video ). Or the new houses? Apart from the obvious desire to create a nest to share with Noemi, and to have identified the area, i.e. North Rome, practically on the opposite side of the EUR house which he shared with Ilary, Totti must act with caution in this particular moment . For example, the purchase of an apartment, or two, would inevitably give a concrete measure of his availability, and moreover it risks being a further element of friction with the ex. Precisely for this reason, caution would suggest that Francis limit himself, at least for now, to looking for a rental.

Ilary Blasi and the flirtation with Cristiano Iovino, finally the truth - guard

ALL IN COURT - Without agreement, after the hearing on Friday the 11th in which Totti will try to regain possession of his Rolex collection, while Ilary can already enjoy his designer handbags, which had simply been hidden in the spa of their home, the two will have to face the painful via crucis of the court in spring. According to the Dagospia website, the first to make the divorce scoop of the century, the former yellow and red 10 would take Noemi's advice into great consideration, but he is also realizing that all the turmoil of recent months is having repercussions on his children, and this perhaps it will prompt him to change course in the near future.

Francesco Totti: “Ilary Blasi? I didn't cheat first… – guard

THE KNOTS TO UNSOLVE - The main problem is the one concerning the custody of the three children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel, to whom Totti is very close and the definition of their maintenance allowance. Then there is the question of the company shares of the family companies, which manage real estate assets. the image of the former Giallorossi captain and the scouting of new football talents. Finally there are the family cars: a huge Lamborghini Urus SUV, three Ferraris and a Smart. Finally there is the match of the houses, with the mega apartment of the Eur. the villas in Torrino and Casal Palocco and the large house by the sea in Sabaudia.