Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, first face to face in court: this is how it really went (and it's a surprise)

The hearing was preceded by a secret meeting. That only we can tell. And new perspectives open up. Where peace (or at least a civil ending) is possible. And on the Captain's Rolex…

  ilary-blasi-francesco-totti-truth-lies-1920 Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, they had loved each other so much. Their best photos Photo Video

It was supposed to be the first face-to-face between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, after months of communications via WhatsApp and a cold war made up of more or less poisonous revelations entrusted to friends and newspapers. Instead, in a Court of Rome armored like a fort, after an hour and 20 of a hearing which was only supposed to establish who really belonged to the now famous Rolexes taken from the bank by Ilary, the opportunity unexpectedly arose to reopen the dialogue to try again to go towards a consensual separation. What happened? – Photo | video

Totti-Blasi, the arrival in court for the face to face (river) Totti-Blasi, the arrival in court for the face to face (river)

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, face to face in court: While he is already divorcing ... from his lawyer - guard

THE SECRET MEETING - Judge Francesco Frettoni of the seventh civil section of the Rome court summoned the former couple to settle the matter of the missing watches and jewels, but the meeting ended with reservations. After hearing both parties, the judge will decide whether to summon the witnesses that the respective lawyers have indicated in their list: friends, relatives, bank officials and jewelers. We could therefore arrive at a new hearing or, perhaps, it might not be useful. Because the real news is that after the official appointment in front of Frettoni, their respective lawyers, Alessandro Simeone for Blasi and Antonio Conte for Totti (as we know, Annamaria Bernardini de Pace is no longer part of the pool), met largely secret in Conte's studio, Prati district, and they spoke until late in the evening.

Francesco Totti returns the super-luxury bags to Ilary Blasi, but she doesn't give up the Rolexes: we are moving towards separation before the judge - guard

COURSE REVERSE - The result is that an important channel of dialogue has reopened which could lead to a faster and less conflictual resolution of the Totti's farewell. And, therefore, the appeal filed by Simeone to initiate a judicial separation that would have been discussed in March, could remain a dead letter. The conditional is a must because on the table there are two issues related to separation to be resolved, the maintenance allowance for the couple's three children and the assignment of the mega family villa. But a change of direction with respect to the communication strategy used up to now could also play a role.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti speak only on whatsapp. And he chose the new house to live with Noemi – guard

TOO TALKY - While the presenter decided on the path of silence from the beginning, the former captain continued to speak, firsthand with the famous interview with Corriere della Sera and unofficially through the statements of his friend Alex Nuccetelli. Taking a step back and lowering the tone again, thus protecting children from hurtful statements and excessive media exposure, could be useful in finding the way to resolution.

Francesco Totti: “Ilary Blasi? I didn't cheat first - I found the messages on his phone

THE CHILDREN'S RELIANCE AND THE FOUND SHOES - As Oggi has repeatedly stated, however, the custody of the three boys is not in question because neither of the two parents wants this war and Blasi's maintenance allowance is not in question because she never asked for it. And there is no patrimony to divide because the real estate has already been separated. If the draft agreement discussed yesterday is successful, the third hearing of the Rolexes may not be needed because, probably, the precious collection of watches will also be included in the calculation of the agreement. While, as Oggi has already exclusively revealed, Ilary's collection of bags and shoes are no longer a matter of contention: Blasi found her accessories in the technical room of the villa's wellness center and in a false ceiling. Where someone had hidden them.