'Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi had been separated at home for months'. The latest confirmations from the couple's friends

On the eve of the first meeting with the lawyers, new revelations emerge about the end of the love of one of the most beautiful and envied couples in Italy. Which confirm what was only whispered up to now

 blasi-totti-comunicati-fine-amore-1920 Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi: the most beautiful couple in Italy has broken out Photo Video

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti lived apart at home for almost a year. But the love for the three children pushed them to go on further, still remaining under the same roof. These are the latest revelations collected by friends of the couple, pending the announced legal dispute, for which the former Giallorossi captain will meet with the best known Italian marriage lawyer, Anna Maria Bernardini de Pace, in her villa in Sabaudia - Photo | video

Ilary Blasi, the long single holidays of the former Mrs. Totti - guard

THE CRISIS - Talking about the almost twelve months they have been separated at home, is a source close to the couple, of which Repubblica has collected the confidences. According to the newspaper, 'the two had not been going well for quite a while, probably due to some messages found on the TV presenter's cell phone'. And trying to keep the family together would have been futile. A few months later, it is always the reconstruction of the source, Francesco would then take refuge in the arms of Noemi Bocchi, 34, mother of two children, met during a padel event last year.

Ilary Blasi runs to recover his daughter and Francesco Totti runs away from Noemi Bocchi. Waiting for the first meeting with the lawyers - guard

NOEMI BOCCHI - Francesco and Noemi would have started to feel assiduously between September and October of 2021, when things with Ilary were already not working, perhaps also seeing themselves at the evenings organized by pr Alex Nuccetelli. They would also have crossed paths in the 'In Villa' room, where the former champion had arrived with his wife, while Noemi would have been a few meters away with her friends. This is the version of the source. Then there was the denial of the crisis by both of them. And finally the separation in early July, with two separate releases.

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi clandestine on a yacht. Ilary Blasi takes away the faith and ... - guard


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