Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, it's war on the maintenance allowance: for her 20 thousand euros a month, for him zero

The negotiation for a consensual separation has abruptly stalled: the figures are too far away. While you also 'fight' over the bags (and not only) that he took from her and the Rolexes (and not only) that she took from him

  blasi-totti-communications-end-of-love-1920 Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, their love ended very badly Photo Video

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi do not find an agreement on the separation. It seemed that the dialogue between the lawyers was leading to an out of court settlement. And, instead, everything abruptly stopped ( guard ). Now it turns out that the element on which they are stuck is the question of the maintenance allowance. On which distances appear irreconcilable: 20,000 euros a month against zero… – Photo | video

Chanel Totti, the jab at mother Ilary Blasi and father Francesco Chanel Totti, the jab at mother Ilary Blasi and father Francesco

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, the separation runs towards the court. But there is one last glimmer – guard

LAWYERS AT WORK - After the accusations, the gossip, the rumble of words like 'horns', 'theft of objects', 'lover' and everything that is the corollary to a great love story that ends badly, we are at the numbers. According to the Corriere della Sera, the separation of the Tottis would have taken the road of the court: it will be a judge who will say who betrayed first. Who is guilty of the end of the marriage of our 'royalty' in Rome: Francesco Totti or Ilary Blasi? Apparently the defenders of the captain, Antonio Conte and Annamaria Bernardini de Pace are working on the appeal to be filed to ask for judicial separation. A hypothesis that has not yet been realized, so much so that to Today it appears that the negotiation is still open and that there is a margin for concluding this cover story with a consensus.

“Francesco Totti is very fiery, Ilary Blasi has a headache…”. And she starts the complaint – guard

THE CHECK QUESTION – Il Corriere, for its part, rattles off the accounts that would be at the basis of the lack of agreement between the (ex) couple: in order to sign a consensual agreement, the presenter would have asked for 20,000 euros a month for herself and 17,500 for her three children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel. 37 thousand and 500 in all. 450 thousand euros per year. Totti would have counter-offered 7,000 euros a month for the boys. In reality, as our weekly had already anticipated in recent days, Ilary Blasi will not ask for any maintenance allowance for herself and if she ever asked for it, given her income, she would not get it. The rest is still to be established and the mutual law firms are at work. The stumbling block of the negotiation sees two topics on the table: the assignment of the family home, which Totti would like to divide since it is a house of a thousand square meters, and which the presenter wants to keep as it is, living there with their children. The other point is the child support allowance. As already reiterated by Oggi, there will be no talk of foster care because, at the moment, it is not under discussion that exclusive custody is requested.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, all the secrets of the Tottis war - guard

BAGS AND ROLEXES – The question of objects missing from the family home and from safe deposit boxes is not part of the negotiations: Ilary's lawyer, Alessandro Simeone, has filed a reinstatement action on behalf of his client in defense of possession in order to regain possession of the designer bags, shoes and some jewels stolen by Totti (He himself declared to Corriere: («And what was I supposed to do? I hid the bags from her, hoping for an exchange, but there was no way»). The same legal initiative could be taken by Totti to get back the Rolex watches that Blasi took from the bank's safety deposit box, claiming that they were gifts given to her by her husband.