Francesco Totti and the agreement with Ilary Blasi: 'It will cost me a lot...'

The former footballer lets himself go with friends in the locker room after an eight-a-side football match. And he reveals that the negotiations on the separation from his (ex) wife are well advanced. Or, at least, so it seems. Here are all the details

 ilary-blasi-francesco-totti-heritage-1920 Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi: it seems they are one step away from the separation agreement Photo Video

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, we return to talk about the separation agreement. So, at least, can be deduced from what the former Roma captain tells his eight-a-side football friends in the locker room after a match. Words that suggest that after the first face-to-face with poison before the judge, a glimmer could open between the two. Also because in the meantime both are rebuilding a life: he with Noemi Bocchi (for some time), she with Bastian (fresh fresh) – Photo | video

Ilary Blasi, do you remember when it was like this? Here she is at Miss Italia Ilary Blasi, do you remember her when she was like this? Here she is at Miss Italy

Ilary Blasi kisses Bastian! That's who his new love is – guard

THE WORDS OF THE EX FOOTBALLER – Francesco Totti is therefore positive about the possibility of reaching an economic agreement in the separation from Ilary Blasi. This can be deduced from the words that the former Roma captain said to some friends: 'It will cost me a lot, but everything will be sorted out,' says Corriere della Sera. The sentence was pronounced by Totti in the locker room after the futsal match between his team (Totti Weese) and Roma, adds Corriere. Because the lawyers of both parties have been working for months to find a solution to avoid judicial separation. Even if there has not yet been any attempt at conciliation.

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi, Christmas rehearsal together - guard

THE SITUATION – In short, after months of stalemate, it could be the right time. As long as we accept Francesco Totti's words reported by Corriere della Sera. What is certain is that he and Noemi Bocchi are increasingly sure of their life together, between red carpets and exotic travels. While Ilary Blasi seems to have found consolation in his handsome German entrepreneur. The only thing left to find is the solution so that their children don't carry all the weight of the separation. Even if at the moment it seems that all three are not struck.

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