Francesco Totti infuriates Ilary Blasi: she runs to recover her daughter Isabel and he runs away from Noemi Bocchi at night

New episode in summer gossip: after not fully respecting the agreements on public appearances with the new flame, the presenter ran to Sabaudia to take away her daughter Isabel

 ilary-blasi-francesco-totti-noemi-bocchi-1920 Ilary Blasi, first single holiday after 20 years of love with Francesco Totti Photo Video

The saga continues and it is the weekly Chi to reveal new details: Francesco Totti is not respecting the terms of the agreements made with his now ex-wife Ilary Blasi regarding public appearances with Noemi Bocchi. The presenter then ran to Sabaudia to take back her daughter Isabel to leave with her for Croatia, as documented in recent days. - Photo | video

Ilary Blasi 'provokes' by boat in Croatia. Francesco Totti? It's already water under the bridge - guard

NEW EPISODE - After Ferragosto spent in the Marche ( guard ), Ilary decided to return to the Roman coast to recover his daughter Isabel, who was on vacation with her father, as agreed. In fact, the young woman would have met the children of her father's new partner several times, sending her conductor into a rage.

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi clandestine on a yacht. Ilary Blasi takes away the faith and ... - guard

HOW MUCH PASSION - The former Roma captain cannot resist being away from his new flame, and so, just after Ilary's quick passage from Sabaudia, Francesco would have run to San Felice del Circeo to be with Noemi.

Ilary Blasi, that's who the personal trainer Cristiano Iovino is - guard

AND NOW? - Mom and daughter are in Croatia ( guard ): the showgirl has reached her sister Silvia who is there with her husband, nieces, uncle and a couple of friends. We are then preparing for the new episodes of summer gossip and a very delicate phase is expected, the legal phase of separation.