“Francesco Totti is very fiery, Ilary Blasi has a headache…”. And she starts the complaint

The Roman pr friend of the ex footballer returns to slip into the (ex) couple. But this time he goes too far. And the presenter does not remain silent, as she had done so far: 'Enough lies'

 ilary-blasi-francesco-totti-alex-nuccetelli-complaint-1920 Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, a great love ended not bad … much worse Photo Video

Alex Nuccetelli, Francesco Totti's friend, strikes again. But this time Ilary Blasi no longer agrees to listen in silence. And he puts his lawyers in between. Also because the pr even wanted to slip into the privacy of the (ex) spouses… – Photo | video

Chanel Totti, the jab at mother Ilary Blasi and father Francesco Chanel Totti, the jab at mother Ilary Blasi and father Francesco

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, all the background of the Tottis war - guard

GOODBYE UNDERSTANDING – «Francesco is very fiery and caliente and once, several years ago, he made this joke to me: 'But this one (Ilary Blasi, ed) comes back from Milan and tells me she has a headache' and it was only the first months of the relationship , I don't know how they could have continued for another twenty years». Alex Nuccetelli, Francesco Totti's pr friend, the only one who says he is authorized to speak by Totti himself, returns to defend the former Captain. This time he does it by even going down into the intimate sphere of married life, essentially telling that there was no understanding between the two for a long time. 'If you come home and your wife has always had a devil in her hair, for years, I consider it legitimate to think of starting a new life elsewhere,' he said during a radio interview with the Turchesando program. And again: «Love hasn't been talked about here for a long time, it had been over for a long time. And Francesco has always been the more in love of the two, she also said it in an interview ». Nuccetelli wanted to emphasize another problem of the couple that would have made Totti suffer: «I know that Francesco has had difficult moments at home because he had been completely invaded by the Blasi family. Totti's mother, Fiorella, has been completely ousted ».

Ilary Blasi and the flirtation with Cristiano Iovino, finally the truth - guard

WORDS LIKE MACIGNI – The Roman PR who has become Pupone's “ventriloquist” since Totti and Blasy decided to separate in July, has gone even further: «Francesco may not have been totally a saint. In these years of difficulty between them, almost by tacit agreement, if he had had ten flirtations, and she had two or three acquaintances, one of which lasted for years on the upper floors of Mediaset, I don't think it is serious ». Statements heavy as boulders, even more serious if contextualized at the delicate moment of a separation that is taking the road of the judicial route after the heavy accusations made by Totti against his wife in the interview with Corriere della Sera. Statements that Ilary Blasi has decided not to bear anymore. After months and months of dripping, the measure is full. This explains why the presenter reacted harshly by giving a mandate to her defender, Alessandro Simeone, 'to proceed against Alex Nuccetelli in the face of the persevering work of spreading obviously false news with defamatory content'. A clear warning: now no more lies.

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