Franco Gatti, at the funeral the tears of the Rich and the Poor. But there is (almost) no other familiar face…

The last farewell to the musician in the church of San Siro, in Genoa Nervi. Inevitable friends and colleagues of him. Lots of ordinary people. And a special memory also for the son who died at the age of just 23

 funeral-franco-cats Franco Gatti, the funeral in Genoa Photo Video

The Ricchi e Poveri could not miss the funeral of Franco Gatti. Here are Angelo Sotgiu, Angela Brambati and also Marina Occhiena, all moved to tears by the farewell to their friend, before their colleague. It is a pity, however, that in the crowd in Genoa Nervi who give a final farewell to the musician, few, very few well-known faces can be recognized… – Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

This is how Franco Gatti spoke of the death of his son Alessio This is how Franco Gatti spoke of the death of his son Alessio

Franco Gatti, the news that astounded – guard

FEW KNOWN FACES – Franco Gatti's funeral is held in the church of San Siro, in Genoa Nervi. The coffin of the Baffo dei Ricchi e Poveri is welcomed by the long applause of many ordinary people. And for the last farewell to the musician, who died on October 18 at the age of 80, Elvis Presley's favorite singer 'Can't help falling in love' also rings out. White and yellow roses, many crowns, but few well-known faces present at the ceremony. There are, of course, all the rich and poor, Angelo Sotgiu, Angela Brambati and Marina Occhiena. Here is Pupo, Mauro Culotta and Sergio Morselli. There is a wreath sent by Toto Cortugno. But no one else shows up for the ceremony.

Franco Gatti thus recounted the great pain of the loss of his son - guard

WALKING WITH BRIO - 'We grew up together. She was an elegant, serene and honest person”, Angelo Sotgiu and Angela Brambati say moved and almost in chorus. And Marina Occhiena adds a tender story: “Every time he came home from a tour when we asked him how he was he always replied 'andante con brio'. That's the same thing he told me last time I heard from him, he was a very wise man.'

Franco Gatti and the farewell to the Rich and the Poor – guard

THE BUTTERFLIES IN THE SKY – During the funeral, Father Mauro had a particular thought during the homily: 'Butterflies have no voice, but when they fly up to the sky they whisper free and you Franco will have done it with Jesus asking to take you to Alessio (the son who died in only 23 years old, ed.). We will miss his modesty and his availability, he was a great person, but you will be there every time we hear a song by Ricchi e Poveri ”.