Franco Gatti, his wife Stefania speaks: “He did not let himself die. She has gotten worse with Covid ”

The tender story of life with the singer of Ricchi e Poveri who died on 18 October. And on the death of his son Alessio, he says: 'He was not a drug addict'

  franco-gatti-stefania Stefania and the first appointment with Franco Gatti: “It wasn't exactly romantic. He took me to see Alien” Photo Video

Franco Gatti, his wife Stefania Picasso confesses and talks about their life together, the pain for the death of their son Alessio and the last months of the life of the singer of the Ricchi e Poveri: “He did not let himself die. His health deteriorated after Covid.' Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

This is how Franco Gatti spoke of the death of his son Alessio This is how Franco Gatti spoke of the death of his son Alessio

Franco Gatti, at the funeral the tears of the Rich and the Poor. But there is (almost) no other familiar face… – guard

THE FIRST APPOINTMENT - Franco passed away on October 18, leaving a great void in music and in the hearts of Italians. His wife Stefania chooses Domenica In to talk about their life together, right from the start. And she recalls their first meeting: “We met through Angela Brambati, I was a young girl and as soon as I saw him, it was love at first sight. I went to my sister and told her: 'I'm getting married to this one'. And she: 'Are you stupid?'. Our first date wasn't exactly romantic, because we went to the cinema, but to see Alien ”. But she was still right: “Seven years after our first meeting we got married, at first it wasn't easy because I was jealous. But I couldn't be at the side of an artist with that jealousy, he always traveled around Italy and I couldn't continue like this'.

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THE COVID - Many rumors have circulated about Franco's death, even the one that he let himself die out of pain for the loss of his son Alessio. But Stefania assures: “It's not true. Franco had been suffering from previous pathologies for some time and two years ago he was infected with Covid. Since then, his condition has progressively deteriorated. And this is why, after the reunion in Sanremo, he had decided not to go on tour with the Ricchi e Poveri: he could not handle those rhythms in his conditions ”.

Franco Gatti thus recounted the great pain of the loss of his son - guard

THE DEATH OF ALEXIS - However, it was inevitable that we would return to the topic of Alessio, who died too young: “It is something that tears the heart apart and any parent would give their life for that of their child, but unfortunately this was useless. Franco, like me, tried in every way to transform his pain. In unsuspecting times, before Alessio's death, I was already following specific paths and dealing with topics such as life after death. It was a way to give hope to those parents who couldn't bear such a heavy mourning. Franco understood all this and gave me the most beautiful gift: accompanying me to my conference, even going on stage'.

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ALESSIO WAS NOT A DRUG ADDICT - Stefania adds: “I have never lacked anything in terms of pain, my sister left this dimension when she was 30 years old. And a few weeks earlier I had received a message from my sister, announcing the tragedy, but I hadn't given it any weight'. As for Alessio: “He was not a drug addict, at 22 he had started working as a stock trader. That evening I had asked him to come with us to Sanremo, but he had refused because he had to finish a platform. A friend of his confirmed to me that Alessio had found a substance that would make him stay awake all night to finish that job. He probably mixed it with something, but above all, not being a drug addict, he didn't know how to dose it ». But there is also more. Franco had told on TV, in the aftermath of the tragedy: “My son drank a lot and it was also his misfortune. He screwed up, taking drugs the first and last time in his life, at a time when he wasn't well. And that's how he paid for it.' And Stefania comments: “Yes, my son and his friends used to have big drinks. But they were very responsible and there was always someone taking turns staying sober to drive. When I asked Franco why he had made those statements, his answer was: 'Because I want to help other kids''.