From Belen Rodriguez to Alessandra Ambrosio, it's Halloween but it looks like Hollywood: the disguises of the stars

The Argentine showgirl plays the witch, Paris Hilton becomes Captain Marvel, Hailey Bieber is covered only in roses. The scariest night ignited the imagination of the divas: between mega parties and perfect costumes

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No celeb escapes the charm of Halloween. And again this year we saw phenomenal costumes with incredible transformations. Great inspiration for the scariest night of the year. – Photo | video1 | video2

Elisabetta Canalis: Halloween with bob and nude effect overalls Elisabetta Canalis: Halloween with bob and nude effect overalls

Elisabetta Canalis single and wild at the Halloween party. Of her husband Brian Perri no trace – guard

BELEN FA LA STREGA, KIM ESAGERA – It is as if Belén Rodriguez were in Hollywood, who to amuse Luna Marì becomes… evil, disguising herself as a witch from the Disney film Maleficent (witch brought to the big screen by Angelina Jolie). Kim Kardashian left nothing to the imagination with her in a blue latex costume that she transformed into Mystique from the X-Men series. Hours of preparation were needed for the final effect but the result is truly remarkable. She wasn't the only superheroine. Paris Hilton also chose to become Captain Marvel, while her husband Carter Reum dressed as Deadpool. The two had themselves photographed at their Los Angeles mansion. For another party, Hilton instead preferred the sexy policewoman costume. Miranda Kerr has become Catwoman and her husband Evan Spiegel a very muscular Batman.

Chiara Ferragni, a super Halloween party with a popstar theme – guard

UNBELIEVABLE COSTUMES – Kendal Jenner has decided to become Jessie, the cowboy of Toy Story. A decidedly sexy Jessie, with exposed abs and denim hot pants that revealed a good portion of the B side. 'Here's how to ruin children's cartoons,' someone commented on social media. Even more discovered is the model Emily Ratajkowski as a sexy cow girl, with a black thong and boots fringed up to the crotch.

DISCOVERED, BUT WITH GRACE - Discovered, but with more grace, also Hailey Bieber, who wore only bundles of roses, inspired by Laetitia Casta and her Yves Saint Laurent 'dress' from 1999. At the Carn Evil party in Los Angeles, Alessandra Ambrosio showed up with a black corset adorned with studs and chains and little else, other than a black train and knee-high boots. Finally, Madonna is the sexiest zombie in the world with a bodice that reveals overflowing shapes.

CARTONS AND FILMS – There are also those who were inspired by cartoons and film characters. Singer Lizzo has transformed into Marge Simpson, P Diddy has become a scary Joker, while the other Kardashian, Kylie, is the sexy bride of Frankenstein. Singer Halle Bailey is a perfect copy of Neytiri, the protagonist of Avatar , who celebrated together with colleague Megan Thee Stallion, a sexy Freddy Krueger.

AND THE BEST COSTUME IS BY… – Every year Heidi Klum prepares for days, transforms herself to the point of being unrecognizable. And we bet on the confidence that she will also succeed this year. Her party is the most famous in Hollywood and the model has posted some shots of her on social media work in progress . But without revealing anything about the costume.