From Gigi Hadid to Mark Ruffalo, how many stars flee Twitter after the purchase by Elon Musk. But the other social networks are not much better…

The dreaded request for 8 dollars for the blue check and the blocking of certain satire accounts that made fun of the Tesla and SpaceX patron did not like it. Many denounce more racist posts and the lack of freedom of expression. But on the Net there is even worse

  elon-musk-twitter-1920 Elon Musk Acquista (and Earthquake) Twitter

He began the acquisition of Twitter as a champion of free speech, freedom of expression, but now Elon Musk is realizing that perhaps everything cannot be written in a twitter. Especially the criticism directed at him. And so, between gaffes and edicts with posts, many users, even famous ones, are abandoning the bird's social network.

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COMIC CENSORSHIP – Naturally, the richest man in the world is only thinking about how to protect and make his investment worth 44 billion dollars, as indeed all the CEOs of Big Tech do, but his mistake is to externalize too much. And therefore to be easily attacked. At first he said: 'Satire is back on Twitter.' But it was enough for some comedian to pose as Musk himself, making fun of him, to infuriate the billionaire. 'From now on anyone who impersonates someone else without clearly writing 'parody' will be banned permanently,' he warned after comedian Kathy Griffin posed as Musk and her account was blocked. When users rebelled, the billionaire retorted that he could have his profile back for $8. Precisely this episode prompted the actress Whoopi Goldberg to abandon the bird: 'I'm leaving Twitter because it's a disaster and I'm tired of seeing certain comments, previously blocked, now back online,' said Goldberg, referring to anti-Semitic and racist posts , which however, unfortunately, are found everywhere on the web.

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THE FAMOUS 8 DOLLARS – Musk's other way of doing business is to charge 8 dollars a month for those who want the famous blue check, which in this way would no longer be the prerogative only of VIPs but of anyone who wants to shell out that amount. This proposal was also not received well. Actor Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) commented: “Elon, please, in the name of decency, get off Twitter, give power back to those who do this job and continue to deal with Tesla and SpaceX. You are destroying your credibility, you really don't come out well'. The American Democratic congresswoman Alexandra Casio Cortez clashed with the patron and wrote to him: 'Why should people pay 8 dollars to have their account blocked if they write something that you do not like it? It just doesn't seem like freedom of expression to me.'

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RETURN RACISM – Musk had originally suggested that the amount for the blue check should be 20 dollars. Thriller king Stephen King blurted out: “Twenty bucks a month? To the devil! They should pay me. If this rule passes, I'm leaving.' Actor Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf from Frozen) has complained of an increase in racist posts and is considering quitting. Since Musk took the helm, comments against people of color have increased by 500%, according to research by the Network contagion research institute. It may also be for this reason that the most famous TV screenwriter in the world, Shonda Rhimes, wrote: “Whatever Elon has in mind, I will not stay here. Bye”. Singer Toni Braxton tweeted her farewell thus: “Hate messages are being disguised as freedom of expression. I'm choosing to stay away from Twitter because it's no longer a safe space.' Super model Gigi Hadid closed her account because the social network is becoming a 'well of racism and bigotry'. And so are many others, who choose to stay only on Facebook and Instagram (as if everything were roses and flowers here) or to land on a new social network: Mastodon which welcomes defectors these days. It declares itself to be a radically different platform from the others, because it is decentralized, without algorithms that offer certain contents and without advertising.