From Måneskin to Tina Kunakey, the Milan fashion week ignites with the stars

Everyone from Gucci with fury: from the band to Chiara Ferragni who shows up in logged in underwear up to the model, wife of Vincent Cassel, very covered. Elegant (and always icy) at Tod's Vittoria Puccini

 maneskineothers1920 In Moonlight, Tina Kunakey and Maye Jagger, le star alla fashion week milanese Photo Video

Everyone at Gucci with fury: starting with the Måneskin who know a thing or two about fury (at least on stage). But spirits were also inflamed in Milan Tina Kunakey, Benedetta Porcaroli and Vittoria Puccini, she at Tod's, not to mention Chiara Ferragni in logged in underwear (again Gucci). Here are all the stars- photo | video 1 | video 2

Dua Lipa, in black lace, enchants at the Milan fashion shows Dua Lipa, in black lace, enchants at the Milan fashion shows

From Chiara Ferragni alone to Canalis and Satta, the stars are all present at the Fashion week – guard

MANESKIN ALWAYS TO THE TOP – Pastel shades for the band back from their triumphs (because even if they didn't win the Grammys, even the nomination alone was a triumph) they come from Gucci with almost normal looks: lilac for Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio who literally shared a suit: Thomas the jacket and Ethan the pants. Victoria is wearing boots waders , decidedly trendy given that Melissa Satta, Elisabetta Gregoraci and Elisabetta Canalis have already sported them the day before. Damiano is, listen, listen, in a pinstripe suit, albeit with a visible tank top. There has been a close relationship between Måneskin and Gucci since the days of Alessandro Michele who even celebrated their fake and provocative wedding (see )

Måneskin conquer Sanremo again – guard

COLD AND IN RED PUCCINI, TINA KUNAKEY SCIURA - Always perfect and icy, but enlivened by a fiery red, Vittoria Puccini at Tod's; and 25-year-old Tina Kunakey wife of Vincent Cassel? She chooses to hide her body and shows herself in a Milanese sciura overcoat, from Gucci. Will the city air have infected her?

Vittoria Puccini: «I'm 40 and…»- guard

MAYE JAGGER POINTS TO…FEET, FERRAGNI IN UNDERWEAR – Maye Jagger, on the other hand, masters the fashion shows (it's at Lorenzo Serafini) with wedges that stand out and her famous smile with which she has transformed an imperfection (the space between her teeth) into her distinctive side