From Micaela Ramazzotti to Isabelle Huppert, it's a challenge between stars on the red carpet in Rome

The Italian actress slips on lace and flounces. The French diva impresses with an extra touch of elegance. But they are not the only ones: the charm of many men also parades on the sixth red carpet of the Film Fest

 ramazzotti-huppert-violante-michele-placido-vincenti-rome Micaela Ramazzotti and Isabelle Huppert, challenge between stars on the red carpet of the Rome Film Fest Photo Video

Duel between showbiz stars at the Rome Film Fest. The local star Micaela Ramazzotti parades together with the international Isabelle Huppert, on the red carpet dedicated to the film The shadow of Caravaggio by Michele Placido. In the film, the first of her plays Lena Antonietti, a prostitute who followed the painter's work for a long time as a muse; the second is Costanza Colonna, the artist's patron noblewoman. But only one of the two wins for elegance tonight… – Photo | video

From Scamarcio to Micaela Ramazzotti, the stars on the Rome red carpet From Scamarcio to Micaela Ramazzotti, the stars on the Rome red carpet

Micaela Ramazzotti: “Perfect love? I already have it: Paolo Virzì and our two children” – exclusive

CARAVAGGIO'S TWO WOMEN – It is difficult for Isabelle Huppert be wrong on the red carpet, and he doesn't do it this time either. The French actress chooses a long black dress, with long sleeves, which follows the shape of her body softly. Metallic detail on her shoulder and her iconic red hair crowning her face (vote 8). However, the error Micaela Ramazzotti it's around the corner. Paolo Virzì's wife chooses a complex Dolce & Gabbana dress, with bustier, flounces and lace. Her color then turns her off a bit (grade 6).

Miriam Leone diva at the Rome Film Fest: in yellow on the red carpet she beats them all – guard

PROMOTED – Men strike and sink: the protagonist is very elegant Riccardo Scamarcio , followed by the equally fascinating Louis Garrel and Vinicio Marchioni (vote 7). Nina Zilli opt for a black trouser suit, combined with a corset that is not entirely convincing (score 6). Lea Sailor with a short dress with puffed sleeves, he makes it clear that tonight we have to be satisfied (score 6).

Stefania Sandrelli, Malika Ayane, Noomi Rapace, Sonia Bruganelli and the others: promoted and rejected on the red carpet in Rome - guard

FAIL Violante Placido she wears a black jumpsuit with flowers applied to her chest and waist, but the result leaves us dumbfounded (score 5). Give Peace she was probably returning from the sea and stopped at the Auditorium by chance (score 4). Same speech for Angela Baraldi , who doesn't get the red carpet look right (score 5).