From Tania Cagnotto to Damiano Tommasi, champions reward Fair Play gestures

An excellent jury that also includes Manuela Mölgg, Claudia Schuler, Martin Pavlu has chosen 7 stories of solidarity and fairness. Between very young and old football glories of which only the athletic gesture is known and not the work off the field

  i vincitori of the wefairplay1920 award Damiano Tommasi rewards Mattia Martinelli, Manuela Mölgg and the coach of the women's national soccer team Milena Bertolini Photo

Tania Cagnotto , Manuela Molgg , claudia schuler , Martin Pavlu and Damiano Tommasi they have chosen their champions of good. In fact, they are the ones who compose the jury of the first edition of WeFairPlay which celebrates the most virtuous examples of sportsmanship and fairness. Gs Excelsior is the organizer of the event, a third category team which has the peculiarity of having all its players play for the same minutes during the championship. Photo

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MILENA BERTOLINI, A CT FOR EVERYONE - Among the many sworn and rewarding champions there is also the CT of the women's national soccer team Milena Bertolini : «Fair play requires a constant and vigilant gaze within ourselves, of responsibility and awareness», he comments. «In the competition we meet the Other, but above all ourselves. I am particularly happy to be part of this event, since in these stories I find so much of my experience, which gives life to my current career with the national team. Experiences of sporting life such as those of the Excelsior put human sporting values ​​at the centre, with an ethics that restores the value of defeat, in its constructive value, full of relationship and participation. Experiences that invite us to reflect on the sense and meanings of sport in its vital essence».

THE WINNERS - From the Olympic champion who coaches a team of refugee athletes to the young goalkeeper who signals a goal not seen by the referee, from the ice skater who gives her friend her place in an Olympic competition to the worker who opens the doors of her gym in karate for children of families in financial difficulty. The Youth Prize went to Matthias Martinelli , goalkeeper of Eracle Calcio (Como), who during a match in 2021, despite the fact that the ball had entered the goal without the referee realizing it, decided to correctly signal the opponents' goal, amid the astonished looks of the public and companions.

FAIRNESS RUNS ON ICE - Also rewarded Brittany Bowe , an American ice skater who faces her friend's sporting desperation Erin Jackson , who had failed to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics, decided to take a step back by making a noble gesture: giving her the seat for the 500m race, a gesture that her friend repaid by winning an incredible gold medal . While she speaks of solidarity the gesture of Pope Dame Diop , a former worker from Bolzano capable of carrying out an important social mission: a martial arts school, the Karate Academy, a popular gym that welcomes and brings together boys and girls of all origins, also trying to break down the economic barriers that penalize many families.

REFUGEES AND PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES – The prize for the best solidarity and inclusion initiative went to the Florentine shooter Niccolò Campriani , three-time gold medalist, once Olympic silver. In view of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Campriani has decided to train a group made up of refugee athletes, with no experience in sport as he does, to allow them to participate in the games. Olympic dream then became reality for two of them, solomon moon , eritrea e Mahdi Yovari , Afghan. A prize also to Sabine Bertagnolli , who together with her husband Roberto Fratucello years ago he decided to start an association called Amigos de Matteo, named after his son who uses a wheelchair due to a disease. A reality born with the aim of proposing educational and sporting moments that see disabled and non-disabled children together as protagonists, raising people's awareness of the issues of inclusion and equality.

THE JURY CHOSEN AN OLD GLORY - The Special Jury Prize was awarded to Astutillo Malgioglio , former goalkeeper of Bologna, Lazio, Rome, Inter and Atalanta. A champion on and off the field, who already in his years of activity had already opened a gym in Piacenza dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled children and young people with psychomotor difficulties, continuing his commitment, after the closure of the gym, also in door-to-door activities with the boys.

FINALLY THE SCHOOLS - The winners were the pupils of the 3F (today 4F) elementary class of the Sinopoli-Ferrini comprehensive school in Rome. With the former teacher Nicola Basile, during the last school year, they organized a 'tournament of colors', a competition between 4 teams identified by a color, with all the children who were part of each in rotation. At the end of the tournament, in this way, everyone had contributed to the victory of the winning team.