From the sunset of Jerusalem to the unknown beaches of the Mediterranean coast

The terraces of Jerusalem, the seafronts of Jaffa and Tel Aviv, the very white beaches of Nahsholim (where you can get excited by immersing yourself in the relics of antiquity), dinners by candlelight and mystical places like Akka: the destinations for couples where spark of love

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Sunset in Jerusalem offers an atmosphere that warms the heart of lovers and all those who want to experience an enchanted night in the city of light. Towards evening, while the sun is still reflected on the white stone of the city (the only one allowed and traditional since the Turkish-Ottoman period), we climb towards the panoramic points. Photo | video

Israel, the Galilee of tradition: from Cana to places of spirituality – guard

GERUSALEMME MY LOVE – There is no shortage of panoramic places and terraces of love in Jerusalem: you can start with a tour of the historic neighborhood of Yamin Moshe , sitting in the garden of the famous Saint Andrews Scottish Hospice where the gaze extends towards the enchanted walls of the ancient city. For an aperitif at sunset you can choose the terrace of the Cinemateque to breathe an international atmosphere and from there go through the district of the so-called ' German Colony ” until about Breast , a realm of shopping, where the Mamilla hotel of the same name, by the famous Italian designer Piero Lissoni, welcomes guests with an exquisite dinner served on one of the most luxurious and welcoming roofs in the city. International cuisine revisited with the freshness of the local offer, fragrant wines and the possibility of enjoying the light of Jerusalem which, when clear, extends the gaze to the Dead Sea.

Israel, the magic of the desert to discover the Nabatean routes of Eilat – guard

THE RIGHT TOAST FOR A LOVE PROPOSAL - Iconic and impressive, the Notre Dame terrace accompanies its visitor in an environment of very strong suggestions. Here the couple immerse themselves in the flavor and international jet set. Savoring wines in the wine bar and tasting a selection of delicious French cheeses and delicacies from all over the world, you can breathe an air of love. The 'romantic' effect is truly irreplaceable! What is the good occasion for the proposal?

Israel: Jerusalem, romantic and enveloping – guard

FROM TEL AVIV TO JERUSALEM – There are many enchanted sunset spots in Israel. Places to discover for a couple in search of romance A walk a Jaffa , in the artists' quarter, a trip to this city alone is worth it, a symbol of entertainment, but also perfect for tourism for two, to be spent along its 14 km of splendid coast. From the clock square to St. Peter's church to the seafront, discovering workshop and coffee with a glamorous flavor and a little bohemian . But not only that, the whole coast offers romantic glimpses, a luxury for everyone. A few kilometers from Tel Aviv , the city of Cesarea Maritima is discovered. This city is known for its historical archaeological tradition less for its sea. A destination for a few connoisseurs to be discovered: if during the day you can experience the emotion of a diving unpublished, between medieval and Roman finds, in the underwater archeology park , in the evening you can experience a unique emotion on the wonderful Harbor Beach, among gourmet restaurants and local artisan boutiques, all under the light of a breathtaking sunset.

NAHSHOLIM WITH LA SABBIA BIANCA IF GOING TO NOZZE - Few know it: but the sand of Nahsholim, white and golden at sunset, is truly reminiscent of the most beautiful pristine beaches of Italian Calabria. Here are the right places to admire a breathtaking sunset. And for a trip, about an hour by car or with an immersive panoramic train, choose Akko , better known as Acre. The last Crusader outpost in the West, where St. Francis also arrived, Akko knows how to amaze with its fish restaurants, its terraces overlooking the sea as far as the eye can see, its historic hotels built inside the walls, truly suitable for those who want to live an extraordinary romantic experience: in a city that managed to bewitch even Napoleon.

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