Gazprom does not reopen the gas. Kiev bombs a Russian base near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

Gazprom finds a new fault in Nord Stream as the G7 supports the price ceiling on Russian oil. Ukrainians bomb a Kremlin base near the nuclear power plant. Moscow warns the US: 'They are now almost part of the conflict'

  Gazprom headquarters in Moscow Gas flows to Europe do not restart Photo Video

The Nord Stream pipeline remains closed after Gazprom found another fault. The EU speaks of an 'unreliable supplier' and sees behind a political design. The G7 supports the price ceiling on oil. Joe Biden asks Congress for a huge new budget for Ukraine and Moscow says: 'I am now almost part of the conflict.' Ukrainians fear a biased assessment of IAEA inspectors. But in the evening they confirm that they have hit Russian targets near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. - Photo | video

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BOMBS NEAR THE POWER STATION - The latest alarm from IAEA director general Rafael Grossi, who said he had found the integrity of the atomic plant violated, was not enough. Energoatom, the Ukrainian energy company, announced on Telegram that it had reopened reactor 5, disconnected after an attack attributed to the Russians. Grossi has not yet said more about the situation in Zaporizhzhia: he will do it at the UN, from Vienna, next Tuesday. But they don't trust Kiev. In a statement, Energoatom itself writes: “The Russian occupiers are making every effort to prevent the UN mission from knowing the real state of affairs in the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. They are spreading manipulations and false information. ' The pro-Russians allegedly presented military trucks to experts, according to the agency, passing them off as 'chemical defense troops'. And again: “They presented a pre-programmed show and a staging”. Then, however, new bombs went off in the area, dropped by the Kiev army, as confirmed by the Zelesnky General Staff in the evening, with a post on Facebook: 'It has been confirmed that in the region around the cities of Kherson and Enerhodar precise attacks by our armed forces destroyed three enemy artillery systems, as well as a warehouse with ammunition and a company of soldiers ”.

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GAZPROM FERMA NORD STREAM - Nord Stream, the pipeline that brings gas to Europe, is currently not reopening. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, says that another fault has been found and that 'there are no technological reserves, only one turbine is in operation, so you do the math'. The spokesman of the EU Commission Eric Mamer comments on Twitter 'the unreliability' of Gazprom, but not only: 'It is also a proof of the cynicism of Russia: it prefers to burn its gas rather than honor contracts'. There are many who read behind a political design. Ecological Transition Minister Roberto Cingolani tells Tg1: 'The Russian blackmail is clear to everyone, among other things, the price increase established by the TTF has favored the Russians because they gave us less gas at a higher price. Russia cannot suspend supplies so quickly because it has no other pipelines where to put this gas and sell it elsewhere. It's a poker game ”. A game in which the support of the G7 finance ministers to the price ceiling of Moscow crude oil also plays a fundamental role, written down in black and white in a joint statement: 'The price cap is specifically designed to reduce Russian revenues and Russia's ability to finance its war of aggression, while limiting the impact of the Moscow war on global energy prices, particularly for low- and middle-income countries, by allowing only service providers to continue doing business relating to Russian marine oil and petroleum products sold at or below the price limit ”. The reply comes from the deputy head of the Kremlin Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, who, commenting on the hypothesis of a price cap also for gas, tells TASS: “It will be like oil. Only there will be no more Russian gas in Europe ”. With Gazprom's stop, the euro slipped below par with the dollar, settling at 0.996.

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USA AND RUSSIA AT SHORT IRONS - Joe Biden goes even further and asks Congress to approve an additional $ 13.7 billion in aid to tackle the invasion of Ukraine: 11.7 billion in military aid and 2 to consolidate energy supplies. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Serghei Ryabkov doesn't mince words: “We warn the US against taking provocative steps, including supplying Ukraine with ever longer-range and more destructive weapons. The brazen anti-Russian forces must not delude themselves that everything will remain unchanged once that line has been crossed ”. Meanwhile, the first deputy governor of the Central Bank of Moscow, Dmitry Tulin tells TASS that the Russian banking sector has suffered losses of 25 billion euros as a result of the sanctions. The export from Ukraine, made possible by the Istanbul agreements, has instead made it possible to set sail from three ports 1.72 million tons of cereals, as reported by the Ukrainian infrastructure ministry.

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