Gazzetta Sports Awards, Marcell Jacobs and the swimmer Benedetta Pilato triumph

The Rosea prizes, delivered in the incomparable setting of Segesta (in Sicily), go to the fastest man in the world and the breaststroke (still a minor)

 gazzetta-awards-cairo-pilato-jacobs The winners Marcell Jacobs and Benedetta Pilato with Urbano Cairo. And browse the album of the evening Photo Video

At the Gazzetta Awards, now in their eighth edition, triumph Marcella Jacobs and the young swimmer Benedetta Pilato, named Champions of the year. The background is of incomparable beauty: the temple of Segesta. Geppi Cucciari is conducting the evening (the evening will become a television broadcast: on October 31, on La7) - Photo | video

Gazzetta Sport Awards, here are the winners of the evening. Gazzetta Sport Awards, here are the winners of the evening

Marcell Jacobs, only dad is missing from the super wedding with Nicole Daza: “He didn't even call

AWARDED BY CAIRO - Jacobs is awarded by the president of RCS Mediagroup Urbano Cairo, who has a soft spot for the blue sprinter: 'I'm crazy about him, he's extraordinary'. It is an emotional fact, of course, but also a little… commercial: “I rejoiced for European gold, Jacobs makes us sell at the top”, underlined the president. Benedetta Pilato, 17, from Taranto, an extraordinarily talented breaststroke operator, was instead awarded by fellow citizen Simona Ruggieri (of Unipol). And she teased – with a quiz on the driving license (Benedetta will turn 18 in January) – by Cucciari, who in the end promotes Benedetta: “You deserve the pink sheet …”.

Tania Cagnotto, Federica Pellegrini, Elisa Di Francisca and the others: beauty parades at the Gazzetta Sports Awards – guard

THE SHARKS – And if Vincenzo Nibali, known as the Shark, adds the Legend SeeSicily to his bulletin board, the prize for the performance of the year – presented by Giovanni Malagò – goes to the inimitable Gregorio Paltrinieri, amazing in the fresh water of the pools and in that salty sea. “What do I think about when I swim? Concentrated on what I have to do. I learned to dodge jellyfish. I would like to promote open water swimming in Sicily. It is important to swim without destroying the sea”, Greg's deposition.

Rossella Fiamingo and Gregorio Paltrinieri, from the Olympics to love: it's the surprise couple of the summer - guard