George and Charlotte of England: the moving farewell to great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth

The two princes followed the funeral with great attention, in dark clothes and serious faces. And when he got distracted, she stepped in. For the joy ... of social media

 The State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II George and Charlotte of England, the princes at the funeral of great-grandmother Elizabeth Photo Video

Eventually, and after much debate over whether they should participate, George and Charlotte of England also accompanied the queen's coffin on her final journey. Little Louis, on the other hand, is not there: too young to follow (and understand) these funerals. Although mom Kate Middleton told Commonwealth dignitaries that Louis understood perfectly well that 'Gan Gan', as her great-grandchildren called Elizabeth, is gone. 'Now Lous asks his brothers things like, 'But do you think we can continue playing our games at Balmoral now?'' Said Australia's Governor General David John Hurley. - Photo | video

George, Charlotte and Louis of England, first day of school with mom and dad (who teach Meghan Markle a lesson) - guard

GREAT ATTENTION - George and Charlotte followed everything, the coffin and the ceremony, with great attention, and alongside their parents: the (new) Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and the king in the chest William. George in dark blue suit and black tie, Charlotte in black dress with hat. They arrived by car with Camilla and Kate, they walked behind the coffin with their parents behind King Charles and Camilla. And they strengthened each other.

George of England, the little prince turns 9. And soon he will start a new life - guard

AND CHARLOTTE SAID... - At one point the cameras caught Charlotte talking to her big brother: 'The coffin is passing, you have to bow down,' she told him. And George 'performed'. This has not escaped social media. “They can give lightness to even the most solemn of moments,” commented someone on Twitter. Of George, Kate said: 'My son is now understanding how important his great-grandmother was'