George, Charlotte and Louis of England, first day of school with mom and dad (who teach Meghan Markle a lesson)

The princes started their new school in Berkshire after moving to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. Everyone was very excited but smiling. The reporters took only the allowed photos. Yet according to the Duchess of Sussex ...

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Marching like three little toy soldiers, with mum and dad at their side, smiling. An idyllic picture, that of princes George, 9, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, accompanied by the Dukes of Cambridge for their first day in the new school, Lambrook in Berkshire. - Photo | video

RELAXED AND CURIOUS - For the first time, the three brothers attend the same school, a comprehensive school that welcomes pupils aged 3 to 13. George and Louis, who were shaking hands with their mother, wore the uniform with shorts and a plaid shirt. Charlotte, accompanied by William, was wearing the summer dress, also part of the uniform. The children didn't seem nervous at all. On the contrary, when William tried to encourage the little one, he rejected him: 'Everything ok, dad.'
'Nobody was particularly tense, the children were very excited by this new adventure,' a source told al Daily Mail . George and Charlotte attended Thomas Battersea in London, while Louis went to maternal Willcocks in Kensington. So everything will be new for them, including schoolmates.

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ALL THE GANG - Upon arrival at Lambrook School, the Cambridge were greeted by principal Jonathan Perry and his wife Jenny. The two couples greeted each other warmly, as if they knew each other well. 'Welcome to Lambrook!' Greeted Mr. Perry. 'Here we are with the whole gang,' William said cheerfully. The principal shook hands with all the children and asked if they were excited. In chorus they answered yes. 'They can't wait to get started, they have a lot of questions,' added the Duke of Cambridge.
Kate wore a copper-colored polka dot dress by Rixo Izzy, while William had blue trousers and jacket, coordinated with the children. The private school will cost them about 60,000 euros a year for all three children. But her parents describe it as a magical place, surrounded by nature, surrounded by trees and meadows. The three princes will also study Greek and Latin, will have French and music lessons, will learn to swim, cook, play tennis and dance. Friday is the day of the forest. The little ones camp in the woods, build tents and roast marshmallows over the fire.

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JOURNALISTS AND PHOTOS - For the occasion, the dukes organized a small photo session, summoning a photographer, a cameraman and a journalist from the press in front of the school. The reporters followed the rules, took no stolen photos, and the whole thing lasted a few minutes. It will no longer be allowed, from now on, to photograph children in front of school, according to the code of conduct of the British press. Just to show Meghan Markle that you can very well take your children to class without being attacked by the paparazzi, as she accused her in her interview with The Cut .

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THE NEW HOUSE - A few weeks ago the Cambridge family moved to Adelaide Cottage, within the Windsor estate. This will henceforth be their main residence. During the holidays they will stay at Anmer Hall, but will keep their offices in Kensington Palace in London. William and Kate wanted their children to grow up in the countryside, outside the Palace bull, and they wanted to be closer to their grandparents Middleton and the Queen, who now lives permanently in Windsor.