George Clooney blessed after death Amal Alamuddin and Julia Roberts

The star poses with his usual cheerfulness on the red carpet of the movie Ticket to Paradise. On the set, in the middle of the pandemic, a splendid friendship was born. And the Pretty Woman star became… Aunt Juju

 London, George Clooney torn between his women ... wife Amal Clooney and ex-wife (in the film) Julia Roberts at the premiere of Ticket To Paradise Goerge Clooney, dream red carpet with his wife Amal and friend Julia Roberts Photo Video

George Clooney is used to beautiful women, but a red carpet with such a high level of charm must be new for him too. It doesn't happen every day to pose between his wife Amal Alamuddin (and here we are in the ordinary course) and her friend Julia Roberts. - photo | video

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, double anniversary on Lake Como with unexpected guests - guard

WHAT A DRESS! - The occasion was the world premiere of Ticket to Paradise , to be released in Italy on 6 October and presented as a world premiere in London. What is surprising is not the harmony between the three - refined, as we will see, in Australia during the pandemic - but the Roberts dress. Custom-cut by Alexander McQueen, it is literally studded with hand-sewn initials, dates and symbols.

George Clooney speaks: “I was afraid of dying and never seeing my twins and my wife again

ADMIRED - George and Amal were impressed with so much creativity. And they will have noticed, among other embroideries, a “J.R. + D.M ', or the sum of the initials of Roberts and her husband Danny Moder, plus the' sequined 'date 2002, the year of their meeting. Detail: the embroideries were made by hand with small silver ingots.

George Clooney speaks: “I didn't want to get married or have children, then Amal came. And when I found out they were twins ...

BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP - Friendship blossomed between the Clooney and Roberts in Australia, right during the filming of Ticket to Paradise : it was running out of 2021, the lockdown triggered and, while George was well accompanied by his wife and twins Ella and Alexander, Julia was without her husband and three children. 'The Clooneys saved me from complete loneliness and despair,' Roberts told The New York Times. And George said his twins have been calling Roberts 'Aunt Juju' ever since.