Geppi Cucciari: 'I dream that a woman leads the Sanremo Festival'

At the helm of her program she seems abrupt, almost crabby. Especially when she uses irony as a weapon. But in this interview you will discover that she is sweet and fragile. And that she has rediscovered love (even if she says it in a low voice)

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At times, Geppi Cucciari looks like a porcupine: in the face of certain questions he closes in on the ball. His is not hostility, but reserve. It's okay to talk about TV, radio, his daily flaws. But her private - the painful end of a marriage years ago, her affections - with her has always been unfathomable. Sitting on the sofa in a bar in Milan, her back straight, she orders a coffee that won't sweeten. She converses gracefully, smiling just enough, like someone who gives the things in life the importance they deserve. And yet, if you observe her carefully, you catch unexpected flashes in her eyes. Tenderness, emotion. Fragility, too. Today, to say the least, the tension is felt. It is the last day of rehearsals before the airing of Gorgeous setting , her debut ever as a primetime host. She is happy and excited, she says, but not only: «The sense of inadequacy has always accompanied me» - Photo | video

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Inadequacy, why? «I live every challenge with the doubt of not succeeding. I would like to do better. No better than the others, than me.'

Remedies? “I work even more. And before going on stage, I send a kiss to my mother, up there».

Isn't that a perfectionist syndrome? «Nah, I always improvise, even in life: I'm the one who buys the ticket at the station when he has to leave and jumps into the carriage thirty seconds before the doors close. My brothers, who are very square, look at me like crazy».

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Will he also improvise in Beautiful setting? 'In part, sure. We will talk about culture, there will be guests but above all the public that participates. That's what I love, talking to people.'

Still Rai 3. Beatrice Dondi, on Espresso, writes that she is a professional with all the trimmings but they only let her do niche things, which Sanremo should lead. Would you like it? «Amadeus does it with great style, he is impeccable».

That's true, but I was asking for more. “Of course I would. When I hear it announced: “the female guest of the first evening will be …” I dream of seeing a woman at the Ariston and reading the rotating list of males in the newspapers ».

So, does the niche weigh or not? “It's too easy to think that when you don't do the things you want, it's because you're too smart or too refined. Sometimes you just have to please those who should put you where you want to go.

And where would you like to go? 'Wherever you can take a bit of truth'.

In Un giorno da sheep, the political satire program he hosts with Giorgio Lauro on Rai-Radio1, he brings out unexpected truths. «Once a minister revealed to us the very embarrassing nickname with which his one and a half year old son calls him. I always surprise myself: but why are you telling us?”

Yeah, why? “The radio resets your inhibitions. Years ago Giorgia Meloni came on the show for a week and she was very funny, she has the talent of an entertainer ».

What makes you laugh? 'Madness. Or perhaps the need to heal oneself.

At 30, she described herself as 'not beautiful'. At 49 of her, she posts her crossfit workouts on Instagram. «I understood that we normal women, questionable 30-year-olds and disadvantaged 40-year-olds, can be beautiful 50-year-olds. Having said that, I train with trigesimo in my heart, I'm bored to death ».

She once said: whoever has been fat feels fat forever. “That's right. In Sardinia I played basketball in A2, in Milan I stopped playing but I ate as before, I looked like Ronaldo. That period coincided with my first appearances on TV, marking me in an incredible way ».

Did it weigh you down? 'It weighs more on me that we're still here talking about the fact that I was fat before and now I'm thin: I never hear these talks about a man.'

On social media, there are those who call her 'opinionated' . «On TV I am assertive. I seem abrupt, grouchy.'

Is it also in life? 'No. In private I experience a sweetness and emotions that I keep to myself. It's my world, it's precious.'

He used to complain about men. Has love let you down? 'Historically, yes.'

Because? 'Life hasn't always been kind, in relationships things often don't go the way you deserved. Inattention in investing comes at a high price».

The best compliment a man has paid you? «The only ones that count are those who remain unchanged even after 10 years together. Let me answer you in a bit.'

Can you live without irony? “If it weren't like that, I'd be a lead. I look like what I do, but I am much more».

And how is the other Geppi? 'She is the most defenseless one, who wants to be accompanied and not just to accompany'.

What is he crying about? «Out of fear, out of nostalgia... Most of the loves of my life are in Sardinia, separations weigh heavily».

Is there a cure for tears? 'No, I'm waiting for it to pass. And it passes».