Gerard Piqué and the new flame Clara Chia Martì, the first photos appear together

After the end of the marriage with Shakira, the footballer already has a new love. “They exchanged cuddles in front of everyone”, says the scandal program Socialité that released the images

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Only last week the news came out, indiscretion of The Sun, about the new love of Gerard Piquè, Shakira's ex. The footballer is dating a 23-year-old public relations student, Clara Chia Marti, whom she met while she was organizing some events for her production company, Kosmos. And now there are the couple's first stolen photos. - Photo | video

Gerard Piqué forgets Shakira. Clara has been there for months. The player would also have introduced her to her children - guard

THAT KISS - The gossip program Socialité, broadcast in Spain on Telecinco, immortalized a moment of intimacy for the couple who now seem determined to come out. Last Friday in Baja Cerdana at the Dani Martin concert, Gerard and Clara were seen together in public for the first time.

GALEOTTO WAS WORK - According to rumors, the two met at some events organized by the Piqué production company. There the spark took off and, from what is said, the two have been dating for months now: “Gerard and Clara have been seeing each other for months. They have been silent about their relationship, but everyone around them knows what's going on. People helped him keep the love story a secret and deleted Clara's social media accounts so people couldn't find her photos, ”says a friend of the couple.

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MEANWHILE SHAKIRA - In the meantime, the ex-wife of the football player, mother of only two children Milan and Sasha, is ready to move permanently to Florida with her children. The pop star will pay all the maintenance costs. In exchange, Piqué would be recognized, 2.5 million euros which are used to cover 20% of a debt and at least five first class trips from Barcelona to Miami a year.