Giacomo and Domenica died together on the same night, after 66 years of marriage

Domenica Testa, 91, and Giacomo Di Grazia, 90, lived in Presezzo, in the Bergamo area. They passed away the same night after 66 years of life together, both of natural causes

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Domenica Testa, 91, and Giacomo Di Grazia, 90, were married for 66 years. Still together, they died the same night, both of natural causes. And their long love story moves the web.

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THE STORY - The couple lived in Presezzo, in the Bergamo area. And to find the bodies was his son Andrea, who took care of them. Mayor Paolo Alessio tells the Corriere della Sera : “Mom was in bed, dad was sitting in another room, both lifeless. The elderly man may have discovered his wife's death and been struck by severe pain'. After the inspection by the ambulance and the carabinieri rescuers, the prosecutor gave the permission for the burial.

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A LONG STORY OF LOVE - Domenica and Giacomo had arrived in the Bergamo area in the 1960s from Palermo. For thirty years they had lived in Madone, where they had managed grocery stores. In the nineties they had moved a few kilometers further on, to Presezzo. They had two children, Andrea and Carmela. A very long love story, theirs, which ended the same night.

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