Giandavide De Pau, his sister speaks: 'I reported him, I couldn't not do it'

The investigators were already on the trail of the killer, but his sister Francesca called the police as soon as she realized that Giandavide was involved in the crimes

 giandavide de pau 1920 Giandavide De Pau in a frame of the La7 news

Giandavide De Pau, arrested for the crimes of the three prostitutes in the Prati district of Rome, was questioned for seven hours by the investigators. Meanwhile, her sister reveals that she reported him to the police as soon as she had the inkling that he could be the man everyone was looking for: 'I couldn't help but do it'.

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Prostitutes killed in Rome, arrested Giandavide De Pau, linked to the Sienese clan - guard

THE DRUG - Giandavide, 51, is accused of the murder of Martha Castano Torres and the two as yet unidentified Asian women. He has numerous precedents and was linked to the boss Michele Senese, known as O 'pazz. It seems that he was under the influence of cocaine and perhaps also of psychotropic drugs. Certainly he was being treated for psychiatric problems and had also been hospitalized in the past. For two nights he wandered the streets of the capital, then reached the house of her sister Francesca, after phoning her and muttering something about her blood. The police were already on his trail after finding the cell phone in via Riboty.

Rome, hunt for the serial killer. A 50-year-old Italian arrested - guard

I REPORTED IT - And Francesca reveals to Messenger : 'He spoke of blood, of women killed, of prostitutes, I could not do anything. There was no choice, my brother has been battling many problems for a long time, drugs, personality and psychological disorders. When we saw what had happened in Prati with my mother, we thought that Giandavide was involved, we hadn't heard from him for a whole day and on Wednesday, when we spoke to him for the last time, we understood that the drug was back in force'. So the woman called the police and immediately invited her brother to go home to her: “He was confused, he didn't remember anything. Then silence. He rang the intercom that it must have been three in the morning and went up: I think he was drugged due to the state he was in, he didn't remember anything, he said he had been with those women but that there was another man. He was confused, disoriented. And he had bloodstains on his jacket. I feel heartbroken for us it is too much pain too great if he really he proves responsible, but there are victims ”.

Tre prostitute uccise al quartiere Prati, incubus serial killer a Roma – guard