Gianmarco Tamberi and Chiara Bontempi, an all-gold wedding: it's time for the final details

Wedding in Pesaro and then honeymoon between Maldives, Singapore and Bali. The bride, however, preferred a 'leap' to French Polynesia. But first 'the young gentleman' leaves for the bachelor party

 gianmarco-tamberi-chiara-bontempi645 Gianmarco Tamberi, the marriage with Chiara Bontempi after the Olympic gold medal in the high jump. Photo Video

Gianmarco Tamberi is once again the king of the high jump. And he is also ready to make a leap in the relationship with Chiara Bontempi. After the Europeans, it's time for Gimbo to get married. An all-gold wedding. And he remembers it in the world of victory when, letting all his joy explode, his finger points towards his left ring finger. “Chiara is the woman of my life and she gives me the strength to go on” he says at the end of the race. - Photo | video

TEN YEARS AND A RING COMING SOON - Here is the stage that all Gimbo fans await, his highest leap ... towards the altar to crown a story spanning over 10 years. 'Chiara knows how to be by my side like no one' the champion told Corriere della Sera. “At the Tokyo Olympics it was fundamental for me. Maybe because we grew up together. She was 14, I was 17. She has the same values ​​as me ”.

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THE CERIMONY DESPITE MA PRIMA… – “We will get married in the Marche, we both had this desire”, explains Tamberi. “The ceremony will be at Villa Imperiale, in Pesaro. Chiara immediately fell in love with this place. On September 1st we will be there and the ceremony will take place in the evening ”. But first 'the young gentleman - Chiara Bontempi comments with irony after her boyfriend's gold in Munich - leaves for the bachelor party. With two friends who were cheering in the stands ”. Where is it? “It's a secret, of course. I can't reveal the surprise ”.

Gianmarco Tamberi returns to the places of his childhood - guard

WEDDING TRIP TO THE MALDIVES - Tamberi's future wife, however, reveals the destination of her honeymoon: “We will leave on 22 September from Milan for the Maldives. Then Singapore and Bali. We will be gone for three weeks. We had thought of French Polynesia, but this year we both flew like spins. Twice even in the United States. It would have been too demanding, best avoided in favor of something equally enchanting, but easier. It will be a paradise '.

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