Gina Lollobrigida, a friend reveals: “I was by his side until the end. Son and grandson only came to visit her twice”

The diva's friend denies Milko, who had claimed to have been next to the mother with her son: 'They were only with her for two days'

 gina-lollobrigida-talks-about-the-son-on-sunday-in Gina Lollobrigida has passed away at the age of 95 Photo Video

Gina Lollobrigida continues the all against all of relatives, friends and acquaintances. In what looks like a fight with no holds barred, this time it is a friend of the star who speaks, from the screens of Italian stories : “The son and the grandson? They only came to see her twice.' - photo | video

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THE REVELATIONS - If in the last few days the factotum Andrea Piazzolla, who inherited half of Lollo's assets, had been targeted by the accusations, this time the index is pointed at his son Milko Skofic. The program Italian stories in fact, it broadcasts an interview with a friend of the diva, who claims to have been close to the actress for the entire last month of her life, without ever abandoning her. And she recalls: “I held her hand until the end. Gina no longer wanted to eat, she no longer spoke, so the only way she had to communicate with me was to shake her hand and she squeezed it tighter every day, as if she wanted to tell me something'.

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ONLY TWICE - However, when asked if Gina reconciled with her son before she died, the woman is telegraphed and says that Milko and her son 'were only with her for two days'. However, on the same program as Eleonora Daniele, Milko himself had said that he had been close to her mother in the last weeks of her existence.

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