Giorgia Meloni: 'We are not monsters'. Unauthorized portrait of the first female premier (probably) of Italy

There are many secrets to bringing Fratelli d'Italia from 4.4% in 2018 to 26% today. Here is the story of a proudly right-wing woman and mother. That she grew up without a father, that as a child she set fire to her house, that she kept many at a distance, including Gianfranco Fini and Silvio Berlusconi

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Even Giorgia Meloni, at one point, was 15 years old. To understand how she managed to become the most powerful woman in Italy you have to try and use a little imagination. Meanwhile: begin to imagine an armored door, a large room, a yellowish neon sign, damp walls, the historic Roman section of the Italian social movement was inside a ruin, in Colle Oppio; group of massive and rough militants, bags full of glue and posters with the tricolor flame to go and attack; and she, Giorgia, who is in a corner, her hair in a brown bob, the green bomber jacket, a girl from the Youth Front ready to go out, in the dark of evening, and thus begin her political adventure. At that age, she already has a lot of life on her. The father, an accountant from northern Rome, got on a boat called Cavallo Pazzo and, sailing, disappeared over the horizon, heading to the Canary Islands («A father who dissolves is a deeper wound than a father who dies. Because in you can hope that case looks at you from heaven. While when he disappears you are forced to deal with his ghost») – Photo | video

Giorgia Meloni, the first words after the election victory Giorgia Meloni, the first words after the election victory

THE DAD LEAVES AND SHE REMAINS WITH ONLY WOMEN – Giorgia stayed with her sister Arianna, two years older (the only person she really trusts, even now) and with her mother Anna, a strong woman who, at night, while her daughters sleep, writes novels signing them under the pseudonym Josie Bell; they live in a beautiful house in the residential district of Camilluccia. Then, one afternoon, this happens: Giorgia and Arianna, having finished their homework, decide that they, too, would stay awake that evening. They want to organize a little party with some doll friends. So they build a kind of hut in the room and fill it with toys and treats. When the job is done, they look at each other and think: what's missing? The light. But you need a small one or mom will know we're awake. Solution: a candle. They place it in the center of the hut, light it up and, waiting for dinner time to arrive, they go to watch cartoons on TV. Next scene: in the middle of an episode of Candy Candy they hear a loud noise coming from their room. They run to see with their mother, and open the door: the fire is already blazing high. And it almost engulfs them, runs along the walls and devours furniture, carpets, beds; the three of them find themselves on the street: firefighters with hydrants, a completely charred house, the mother with a bag in which she managed to fit only a couple of pajamas.

FROM CAMILLUCCIA TO GARBATELLA – They start living again – a few months later – in Garbatella, the neighborhood which, before becoming famous for the TV series Cesaroni (but Nanni Moretti, in expensive daily , he already defines it as his favorite neighbourhood) is a slice of popular Rome, a communist enclave, the two-story houses are also red, where the maternal grandparents live – grandfather Gianni and grandmother Maria – in a two-room apartment of 45 square meters («In fact, when my mother went out and left us to sleep there, Arianna and I curled up on a bed in the corridor, one from the top - as Grandma Maria said - and one from the bottom»).

AND COLLE OPIUM… – Now let's go back to that section of Colle Oppio: Giorgia says that she ended up there because, in the Mani Pulite storm, she realized how much 'the MSI was extraneous to the robbery system'; and then because by hanging out with the boys of the Front she finds an atmosphere that she defines as 'jolly, cheerful'. This is how the student coordination of the 'Ancestors' is founded, linguistic maturity in the Amerigo Vespucci professional institute and militancy, the suggestion for The Lord of the Rings, a cult novel of a certain right ('At Palazzo Chigi', explains Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, 'the generation Tolkien') and then at demonstrations with Dr. Martens boots and the Invicta backpack ('Never made a Roman salute', she swears; however, in the middle of the electoral campaign, three weeks ago, an old 1996 report from France popped up 3 in which, sporting good French, he said: «I think Mussolini was a good politician»).

Andrea Giambruno, this is who Giorgia Meloni's partner really is - guard

Nothing else can be found at that time to dig. Certainly the jobs she did to support herself are curious: bartender at the Piper, seller of used records in Porta Portese, babysitter of the first daughter of Susanna Biondo, Fiorello's wife. But now you no longer have to imagine anything: we are in recent news. A flash of career, as a professional politician: provincial councilor and then deputy for AN (with Gianfranco Fini a respectful but cold relationship); for two years vice-president of the Chamber, then – just thirty-one years old – Silvio Berlusconi appointed him minister for Youth. It is the season of the Popolo della Libertà: she is in it with impatience, sheer fatigue, she is completely outside the liturgy, used as she is to its dimension of 'community' (which she will then try to recreate with the experience of Atreju, the annual event right-wing Roman youth). The Knight observes her curiously: it is rare that someone persists in not considering him, and treating him, as a sultan. One afternoon, Giorgia asks for an audience at Palazzo Grazioli (in those days, it worked like this: and the only one who was free to come and go and jump on the sofas was the legendary Dudù, a white poodle belonging to Francesca Pascale, the Cavaliere's girlfriend at the time). ).
He seated, Giorgia who remains standing. «President, I no longer feel at home. I'm leaving the party' ('Berlusconi - Meloni will tell - answered me with his pragmatic manner, as a businessman who has learned that everyone has a price: 'Okay, I understand ... So, tell me dear: what do you want?' ).

BROTHERS OF ITALY IS BORN – A few days later, on December 20, 2012, Giorgia Meloni presents the new party: Brothers of Italy. In Montecitorio there are barrels of widespread skepticism, the operation hides objective unknowns. She relies on Clint Eastwood: 'If you want a guarantee, buy yourself a toaster' (and also on Guido Crosetto, who becomes her main adviser; on Ignazio La Russa, with responsibility for 'experience'; on Giovanbattista Fazzolari, ghostwriter and program man). The classic crossing of the desert begins. Which she lightens with the arrival of Geneva, now 6 years old, with her partner Andrea Giambruno, journalist of Open Studio. Then, on October 19, 2019, she takes the stage in Piazza San Giovanni and screams: «I am Giorgia! I am a woman! I am a mother! I am Italian! I am Christian!». From a media point of view, she is a genius (probably involuntary).

Rula Jebreal attacks Giorgia Meloni on her father's conviction. The Fdi leader: 'She will explain to the judge' - laws

GO VIRAL – MEM & J takes some excerpts from the speech and remixes them with an electronic music base: viral video, millions of views, the fuse is lit. Surveys in continuous ascent, League hooked and exceeded. The key to going from 4.4% in 2018 to 26% on Sunday post-election is, without a doubt, consistency. While Matteo Salvini, and others, moved in and out of the revolving doors of various governments, she always remained outside. To Mario Draghi he said: «I'm sorry, I'm staying in the opposition. But you will find that I am a loyal person.' Thus, when it was needed, you immediately sided with Europe and the USA on the war in Ukraine, without the serious uncertainties, and the distinctions, of your two allies. But he doesn't even back down on sympathy for Victor Orban, the Hungarian leader with pronounced illiberal traits, and on the Spanish nationalists/fundamentalists of Vox. And what's more: he didn't even remove the flame from his party symbol. Courageous, passionate, mistrustful, stubborn. And right (proudly). One last thing: Giorgia Meloni is 45 years old. Alone.