Giorgia Soleri does it again: 'I got the wrong plane tickets'. And on social networks they strike her down

Damiano dei Maneskin's partner shows her sad face with a motivation that leaves most people perplexed. And many respond in kind: 'Do you want to see my face after shoveling mud?'

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Giorgia Soleri is still in the crosshairs. After sparking controversy for a post on 'rest as a political act' ( guard ), the partner of Damiano dei Maneskin still misses the times to show herself down in the dumps. So, after publishing her sad face for getting the wrong plane tickets, she is targeted by those who really are sad for far more serious reasons: 'Do you want to see my face after shoveling mud?'. Not to mention who reminds her that last February she promised to close her social networks, claiming that no one believes what she writes… – photo | video

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SAD FACE - It all starts with a post on Instagram, in which Giorgia publishes two close-up photos in which she shows herself very sad. And where you write: “The face of a person who today bought two non-refundable airline tickets by exchanging the outward airport with the arrival airport and vice versa and then managed to book a dinner in a restaurant of the same name 650km away. How are you?'

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THE REACTIONS - But there couldn't be a less opportune moment, especially for those who follow her from Romagna, like Angelica, who soon comments: 'If you want, I'll show you my face after having shoveled mud, washed and made the world for my land all mud and water … you want???' More angry comments from followers follow on the mud. The post quickly goes viral. And there are those who ironically: 'What's the problem .. Get them taken by your boyfriend .. He has the money anyway'. And again: “Ah the great problems of life…. And I'm fighting for a 400 euro electricity bill'. Few of the fans are on her side. But still someone tries to play down: “Why be so envious and mean? What's your problem? She made a mistake on a reservation and talk about her boyfriend's money… get a job and stop counting other people's money”.

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