Giovanna Mezzogiorno: 'Now no more lies and bad things about me ... they really hurt'

She has changed: thin, thin. She separated. She is back on set. But the rumors hurt. 'They write that I drink, that I take psychiatric drugs, why?' Today, the actress seeks only serenity. “I live for my twins. I wish they would grow up happy; I've already been there to have a complicated adolescence '

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Giovanna Mezzogiorno is dense, restless. You can tell by the changing color of her eyes as she speaks. Dark, transparent, gloomy. Sitting on the sofa of a hotel in Turin, the city where she lives, she looks like a young woman from the '70s: wide canvas pants, two tattoos in sight on the wrists (an 'A' and a curved line, like a sighed wave ), the dog Sonu wagging his tail next to her ('I hope you don't mind, he's always with me') - Photo

In recent times, his life has changed. She separated from her husband, Alessio Fugolo, father of her twins Leone and Zeno. She has a new movie, Amanda , which will go to the Venice Film Festival. It is different: small, subtle. Despite the dozens of awards she has won in her 30-year career, she may seem like a little girl. If it weren't for that deep voice, full of memories. And for a confidentiality that is difficult to break.

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In Amanda she plays the mother of a complicated figlia. 'It has been a life that they make me be a mother, you can see that it is good for me.'

Un’opera prima. 'Carolina Cavalli is an intelligent, rare director. She has written a story of friendship that touches deeply.'

We rarely see her at the cinema. “I had twins, I dedicated myself to them. I said it, but it's never enough '.

What do you mean? 'If I work less, urban legends start: they say I'm sick, that I take drugs, I drink, I take psychiatric drugs, in a while I'll do the robberies'.

The comments on his body. «Here, too. There was a time when I got fat, so what? He's a colossal who cares. '

Today it is different. “I paid attention to what I ate. Sports no, I'm lazy. But still: who cares? What counts is that I do my job well, I always put everything into it ».

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Her twins Leone and Zeno are 11 years old. Their arrival, she said, was 'devastating'. “They were born in seven weeks, they weighed a kilo and a half. For the first few years I thought only of them, during the day, at night. They are the most beautiful thing, I wish they never suffered ».

It's possible? “Maybe not, but I try. I keep them away from the Internet, from cell phones, from the ugly that is out there. I hope they grow up calm. I've already been quite a complicated teenager myself '.

Meaning what? “I was a pain in the ass. In my family it was a complicated period, at school I was a disaster, in Milan I attended social centers. Those were the days of synthetic drugs, I saw friends transfigured, with a twisted face. I never wanted to try them, ever. They frightened me. '

He protected himself. «My parents used to tell me 'we have faith in you' and I have never failed. But I was unhappy, angry. And then, what happened happened ».

The death of his father Vittorio, aged 51. 'And my devastated mother who had put up a shrine in the house with her photos.'

Tiring . 'Deadly. You already have pain inside, you can't feel it throwing yourself at every moment '.

At 19 she left. “I needed to get away. I knew that if I stayed in Milan, in that context, it would be dangerous for me. The theater academy in Paris saved me. I learned the discipline, the rigor ».

With director Peter Brook, the greatest. “A second father. Severe, too. Once he caught me chatting. He threw me on the bench for a week, taking notes. But then, at the end of the year, he said to me: “Resign yourself, this is your job”. And she gave me the role of Ophelia at 21. A dream'.

His children have never met their grandparents. “That's how it went. It's a regret. '

What is family for you? 'The place of love is that of the greatest suffering that there can be'.

Because? «Because very painful dynamics can be triggered, which open cracks».

The cracks. When he was 14, his father had a daughter from another woman, an American. “It was a trauma for everyone. Yet, today my sister Marina is among the dearest affections I have ».

Was it difficult to build this relationship? 'A little, at first. But my mother was good. When my father took me to Los Angeles to meet her, she told me: 'Go, the little girl has nothing to do with it.' Over time we began to write to each other, to be close to each other. Today Marina lives in Italy. She came for me too, she loves my children. She is a piece of the family ».

Some time ago he sold his parents' house in Milan. 'The holy cards weigh, like boulders.'

Is happy? «I am happy when I wake up the boys in the morning with a kiss. They are choices, I made this and I would not change it for the world ».

What are you still looking for? 'The serenity. And justice to what is said about me. Badness is hard to bear. I've never been bad. '
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