Giovanni Allevi, shock confession: 'I can't play, my hands are shaking because of the drugs'

The musician, battling myeloma, reveals the drama of the moment. But he doesn't give up: “A new music invades my mind in an impetuous way and I don't miss a note. I can't wait to let you listen to it! '

"Partita - Una Notte Per Diego" (Match - A Night For Diego) Giovanni Allevi revealed last June that he has cancer

Giovanni Allevi reveals the drama he is experiencing in the fight against the myeloma that afflicts him: 'These hands are shaking, because of the powerful drugs I am taking and for the moment I cannot play'.

Giovanni Allevi in ​​hospital for cancer: “The battle begins. With you I will win

MYELOMA - In June, the musician revealed on social media that he had a tumor. Shortly thereafter he entered the hospital for treatment. But he was optimistic and turned to his fans: 'With a heart overflowing with gratitude, I thank you immensely for the love you are giving me! I imagine your thoughts of encouragement and closeness envelop my body, and give relief to this sometimes unbearable pain. The battle has begun that has brought me to the deepest core of human frailty. With you I will win it! I love you!' In July another tragedy struck him, with the death of his sister Maria Stella.

Giovanni Allevi shock: 'I have myeloma, I will fight away from the stage' - guard

HANDS SHAKE - Now Giovanni returns to tell about the developments of the disease on social media, talking about the 'shaking hands' that prevent him from playing and which he shows in an image. But he doesn't give up, assuring that a new music “invades my mind in an impetuous way and I don't miss a note. Now it's sweet, now crazy and incomprehensible, dreamy and reflective, metaphysical. I can't wait to let you listen to it! '