Giovanni Angiolini Roberta Morise, it's flirting! The whole truth about the new couple

The charming doctor, Michelle Hunziker's ex, was 'pinched' in complicit attitudes with Carlo Conti's ex presenter. This was revealed by the weekly Oggi on newsstands. With lots of details. Including a bouquet of roses… which may soon bloom

 roberta-morise-giovanni-angiolini Giovanni Angiolini and Roberta Morise: a couple was born, they say... Photo Video

Giovanni Angiolini and Roberta Morise new couple? The doctor, formerly of Michelle Hunziker, and the presenter were spotted together in a well-known Roman restaurant in the Ponte Milvio area. This was revealed by the weekly Oggi on newsstands. Who also collects the confidences of those who met them: 'There was a palpable understanding and complicity between them'. Here is the whole truth about the flirtation between Michelle Hunziker's ex and Carlo Conti's ex – Photo | video

Roberta Morise turns 30. And she celebrates as a sexy young lady in red: the video Roberta Morise turns 30. And celebrate like a sexy young lady in red: the video

Giovanni Angiolini, the (brief) passion with Michelle Hunziker - exclusive

A MEETING BETWEEN… EX – Giovanni Angiolini was certainly not a pre-Michelle Hunziker unknown, both for his skill and for his beauty. But certainly the (short: only 5 months) story with Michelle Hunziker made him known throughout Italy, also thanks to their super paparazzi meetings in Sardinia and even in Paris ( guard ). Roberta Morise, on the other hand, was Carlo Conti's girlfriend for years, then Giulio Fratini's girlfriend, who is now paired with Elisabetta Gregoraci. In short, a tourbillon of sentimental crossings. However, it was Morise who confirmed the story between Fratini and Gregoraci: 'I am happy for them', she had written to those who asked her about the flirtation born between Fratini and Flavio Briatore's ex-wife. To the comment she had added the emoticon of a little heart. Now the Fratini-Gregoraci story is official.

Roberta Morise at the time of love with Giulio Fratini – guard

THE NEO COPPIA SUI SOCIAL – Giovanni Angiolini, looking at his social profile, is not giving any clues. Roberta Morise, on the other hand, publishes a photo at Trinità dei Monti, Rome. In which she shows a bouquet of roses. A romantic present of Angiolini? Staying on the subject, if they are roses, they will flourish. As reported Today in the issue now on newsstands: 'Is this the beginning of a love passion, a burning passion or a flash in the pan?'. Time will tell.

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