Giulia Torelli, who is the influencer targets 'the old too attached to life'

The young woman has over 200 thousand followers. In front of which there is no problem arguing hard. Only she slips the clutch and she goes too far. With words that do not go unnoticed

  giuliatorelli_1920 Giulia Torelli, influencer with 200,000 followers and... as many controversies Photo Video

“Old people don't have to vote, they don't even know what they're doing. At home they must stay still, completely still “: to say it, in a video, Giulia Torelli, 35 years old, influencer followed by hundreds of young followers who will have heard his monologue. And it's a social storm for her shocking sentences - Photo | video

Giulia Torelli, the influencer who targets the old. Giulia Torelli, the influencer who targets old people, is controversial. It's controversy

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THE MONOLOGUE OF TORELLI - The background: Giulia Torelli is a young influencer, with 200,000 followers, very chic (she is creator digitale ) who also takes care of arranging other people's wardrobes ( closet organizer,  she calls herself). He works in Milan and on his social network the last post is a fashion shoot with the super celeb of fashion Anna Dello Russo. Here is the influencer , the day after the elections, makes a video complete with a halo of little flowers naive in which he launches into a monologue, considered delusional by many: “ I have one thing to say, I have to say it: why do old people have the right to vote? Because? They have already exercised it in their long, very long life: enough, enough to vote. They know nothing, they have no idea. What they know, they see on the news. They have no idea, they don't even know what they are doing and then these things happen. Old people don't have to do anything, much less vote. At home they have to stay, still, completely still”. Not happy, and evidently unaware of the explosive effect of her speech, she continues undaunted. “ Completely stoned, walking around with masks on their mouths... it's been 3 years... What is it that isn't clear yet? That it's useless not to keep it on your nose... And yet you live, cling to life...'.

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LUCARELLI'S INTERVENTION - And it is at this point that it happens under the lens of the journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli who sparks the case, posting it on her social networks (1.2 million followers against the just 2000 thousand we said about Torelli, there is no story) and the wand : “This girl, much loved by the Milan of fashion, breaks my heart to say it, she is a significant part of Milan that also feels left-wing. Come on, accept the challenge, you and my father, 88 years old, sit down. Let's see which of the two knows something about life, history, politics. And maybe tell him to his face that this thing that is so attached to life and doesn't want to die also bothers you'. Surely -  as Lucarelli is customary with anyone (both powerful and not) - a clear speech without mincing words.

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THE CASE ON THE WEB – Obviously, the name of Torelli, which previously only the youngest and fashionistas knew, immediately gained popularity trend topic , Lucarelli's post made havoc: 14,459 comments. Including that: “Tell Anna Dello Russo that she is old (obviously De Lo Russo is just 60 years old). More naturally on social media there have been endless comments on the sentences judged terrible and on the defeat of the Democratic Party. And Torelli? Imitating the style of Chiara Ferragni who almost never responds to comments against Selvaggia Lucarelli and when she responds indirectly, for now she is silent. An unanswered question remains. Torelli's Lucarelli always writes. “In life, a tireless worker rearranges wardrobes for work”. Now what will Lucarelli ever have against the most honorable profession of  closet organizer ?