Giulio Bissiri, the father of the fake Selassie princesses risks 7 years in prison

The Swiss prosecutor Chiara Borrelli asked for many. The man, 'crook by profession' and father of the sisters of the Gf Vip, presented himself as an Ethiopian prince and heir to a fabulous treasure. In reality, he is the son of the negus' groom. Among the victims, many Italian entrepreneurs

  bissiri-father-princesses-selassie-request-sentence Giulio Bissiri and the three daughters Clarissa, Jessica and Lulù unleashed at the Gf Vip Photo Video

The hearing of the trial was held yesterday in the criminal court of Lugano in which the 66-year-old Giulio Bissiri alias Makonnen Hailé Selassie, self-styled prince nephew of the Negus of Ethiopia, is accused of a 'fraud' of 13 million Swiss francs (13 million and 645 thousand euros) to the detriment of two Swiss entrepreneurs and a banker from the Canton of Ticino. Bissiri, currently in prison in Lugano, father of the three former competitors of the Big Brother VIP Jessica, Lucrezia, known as Lulù and Clarissa, pleaded innocent. – Photo | video

Jessica, Lucrezia and Clarissa Selassie: the good life of the three (fake) princesses of Big Brother Vip. Watch the video Jessica, Lucrezia and Clarissa Selassie: the good life of the three (fake) princesses of Big Brother Vip. Watch the video

The father of Clarissa, Jessica and Lucrezia Selassie is in prison: the scandal disturbs the (fake) princesses of Big Brother Vip – guard

LIKE TOTÒ - Chiara Borelli, public prosecutor – prosecutor here in Italy – has asked for her to be sentenced to 7 years in prison and expelled from Switzerland. The ruling is expected shortly. During the hearing there were hilarious moments when Judge Amos Pagnamenta asked Bissiri what his true origins are. The man, paraphrasing Totò, who really was noble, replied: 'A prince is born, a prince dies'.

Giulio Bissiri, the father of the (fake) princesses of Big Brother Vip was mocked by Silvio Berlusconi - guard

TRADE SCAMMER - In fact, Borelli's accusation is heavy: Bissiri would be a 'crook by profession' and to convince his victims he presented himself as an Ethiopian prince son of the third son of the emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie. In reality Bissiri was the son of Beniamino, a groom in the service of the Imperial court. However, the self-styled prince told everyone, as a descendant of the Negus, that he could have access to a fantastic treasure of the last emperor of Ethiopia worth about 200 billion euros in securities issued in German marks and American dollars. And that in order to collect the money, millions of euros of expenses for lawyers and for the bond disinvestment procedures would have been necessary.

Clarissa, Jessica and Lucrezia Selassié: the scam of the father of the (fake) GFVip princesses is spreading - guard

NON-EXISTENT TREASURE - The treasure, however, is non-existent. Bissiri had even managed to get delegations signed by the true descendants of the Negus, also telling them of the treasure of which, however, not even the true Ethiopian princes were aware. The investigations by the Lugano prosecutor's office lasted about a year. Some Italian entrepreneurs who gave money to Bissiri were also heard.

“What Selassie! We are the real Ethiopian princesses

Among those alleged to have been deceived is the president of the naval insurance company Ital Brokers of Genoa, Franco Lazzarin, and even the family of the former CEO of Generali Giovanni Perissinotto as well as the former director of Holiday Inn the lawyer Roberto Tedeschi, the whose story was made public by his daughter Carlotta Tedeschi.