Giuseppe Battiston, an Oscar-winning Fire Eater: 'But I didn't know Tom Hanks-Geppetto'

The actor has conquered Hollywood: he plays an important part in Pinocchio by the great director Robert Zemeckis. Here he recounts his experience of him. Between small fortunes and a single disappointment

 battiston-eater-1920 Giuseppe Battiston in the role of Mangiafuoco in 'Pinocchio' by Robert Zemeckis Video

Giuseppe Battiston, a volcanic Fire Eater in Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis' 'Pinocchio' for Netflix, recounts his Hollywood experience in an interview with Oggi, on newsstands from September 8: 'If three hours to transform myself weighed on me? No, on the contrary it was very instructive to see people at work waving around me. These are small fortunes: not only have you been directed by an Oscar winner and worked alongside an Oscar winner, but you have also been made up by an Oscar winner and dressed as an Oscar winner, 'the actor tells Today. - video

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SMALL DISAPPOINTMENT - With some disappointment: “Tom Hanks-Geppetto? We were on two sets close together, but I was never able to say goodbye. It is not like on the sets of our cinema, where, for example, a journalist roams freely. There is a rather dense filtering system that affects all the players. You have several assistants, make-up, costume and then you have other assistants who filter you from the director ». And when asked if he has already seen the edited film, he replies: «Not at all, are you kidding? I will also put myself in front of the TV like everyone else ».