'GNTM': Ex-winner cries in front of the camera – and unpacks bad experiences

  Simone Kowalski is the next former contestant to face harsh criticism"GNTM" übt. Simone Kowalski is the next former candidate to sharply criticize 'GNTM'. Image: IMAGO-images / Photopress Müller

The number of former participants in the ProSieben show 'Germany's next top model', who made serious allegations about the practices during production and 'model mom' Heidi Klum to the public, continues to rise.

Lijana Kaggwa from the 2020 season had published videos on YouTube that caused a stir and outrage across Germany. The allegations against the production company that Lijana raises are tough. It is about deliberately provoked stressful situations, manipulations and other questionable practices.

More and more other 'GNTM' candidates then spoke publicly and shared their own experiences, for example Nathalie Volk or Neele Bronst. Now the next young woman has publicly expressed sharp criticism: Simone 'Simi' Kowalski, winner of season 14 in 2019.

35 minute live stream about 'GNTM' experiences

On Thursday evening, 'Simi' spoke with Lisa d'Amato in a live stream on Instagram is published about her bad experiences during and after the show. Lisa d'Amato herself was a participant in the American version 'America's Next Top Model'.

  Lisa d'Amato ist aus "America's next Topmodel" bekannt. Lisa d'Amato is known from 'America's Next Top Model'. Bild: Imago-Images / IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

'GNTM' winner did not want to work for Heidi Klum's father

Among other things, Simone Kowalski had trouble during her business relationship with Heidi Klum's father Günther Klum. Kowalski is one of a number of 'GNTM' participants who had problems with Klum's father and his agency 'Oneeins fab'. She and Günther Klum faced each other in the courtroom over money disputes.

But she's not even mad at 'GNTM' face Heidi Klum. She doesn't think what happened is the judge's fault. Heidi tried to help her. She draws quotation marks in the air. The model icon told her to go abroad, says Simone Kowalski. The former 'GNTM' winner continues to report:

'And I said, 'I'm being forced to work for your father, even though I don't want to do it.''

The court hearings are said to have cost her a lot of nerves and she lost all the money she had won in the casting show. At that time, they agreed in court that the contract with 'Oneeins fab' would be terminated, that she would be paid her salary afterwards, but that she would have to hand over the fee for a shoot with 'Playboy'.

  Günther Klum and his agency"Oneeins fab" standen immer wieder in der Kritik. Günther Klum and his agency 'Oneeins fab' were repeatedly criticized. Image: dpa / Henning Kaiser

Kowalski bursts into tears

Not an easy time for the 25-year-old that she had to get through alone. When she talks about it, she gets emotional. With tears, she talks about doing it to make it stop. Because her cousins ​​have children, young girls who know that their aunt is a top model.

Kowlaski obviously drew his own participation in the model show. She was dubbed the 'drama queen' and terrorized every day, she says. Your physical and mental Health was put to the test every day. She emphasizes:

'I came on the show healthy and got sick.'

For example, she could no longer walk. Of course it was her decision to walk in high heels, she says. But walking on such high heels - she shows the great length of the heels with her hands - on a platform that whirls around was not her decision.

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Ex-candidate thinks the girls are all too young for the show

The former 'GNTM' winner makes it clear that she wants constructive criticism. 'I'm very grateful for my experience, don't get me wrong,' she says. But there are top models who say it's the best experience ever. 'Good for you, but not for everyone,' she addresses them.

Her opinion: 'The girls are all too young (...)'. 'GNTM' should be switched off and 'turn into a real model show (...)'.