Grace Kelly, 40 years without the princess star: 40 things you (maybe) don't know about her

It was September 14, 1982: the actress-turned-princess died in a terrible car accident. The myth of her has remained intact. Yet there are still many aspects and details of her life that have remained 'secret'. We tell you about them

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Grace Kelly died 40 years ago. It was September 14, 1982 when the Hollywood princess died in a car accident. Since then, the myth of her has remained intact. Like her masterpiece: launching Monte Carlo in the world firmament. In forty steps, so much is the time of her absence, here are the little known aspects of a legend called Grace - Photo | video

1. She was born on a cold November day in 1929, at 3,901 Henry Avenue in Philadelphia. His was a family of Irish descent, his father Jack had made a fortune as a builder.

two. An uncle, George, was a successful playwright and playwright. Aunt Grace was an actress.

3. Mother Margaret remembered: “At 16, my little girl had a few extra pounds. And being myopic, she wore glasses ».

Four. During a ballet show, Grace is enchanted by Igor Youskevitch, the Nureyev of the time, and begins taking dance lessons with the idea of ​​becoming an étoile.

5. He also poses for advertising: among other things for an insecticide, a soap, Old Gold cigarettes, Remington typewriters.

Grace Kelly and Ranieri of Monaco, the wedding of a thousand and one n0tte in the images of the archives of Today - guard

6. For Nbc he is the protagonist of Ann Rutledge, the legendary girlfriend of Abraham Lincoln.

7. At 18 he moved from Philadelphia to New York to enroll in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Master Edward Goodman freezes her: 'You must immediately get rid of this terrible nasal pronunciation.'

8. Director Fred Zinnemann, who directed it in High noon , he will comment: “It wasn't safe at all. She had an exaggerated introspective tendency '.

9. 'It's a snow-capped volcano,' Hitchcock said of his pupil, to emphasize that behind that cold air there was a provocative sensuality. The director will reveal her furious love, presumably platonic: 'Grace was much sexier than most sex bombs.'

10. Costume designer Edith Head remembered: 'Hitchcock wanted to choose every dress Grace would wear, it seemed like she was composing a dream.'

Grace Kelly, Rainier of Monaco and their children Alberto, Caroline and Stephanie in the unseen images of Today's archives - guard

eleven. After the engagement with Ranieri, mother Margaret gloats in an inelegant memorial: 'They began to ask her as a wife who was not 15 years old, Ranieri is at least the fiftieth'.

12. British biographer Robert Lacey lined up his youthful loves. There is the Franco-Egyptian actor Alex D’Arcy and the acting teacher Don Richardson, not only Jewish but also awaiting divorce and therefore opposed by Catholics and respectable Kelly. The Shah, who had not yet met Soraya, gave her three amazing jewels for six evenings together.
With Clark Gable it was fire and flames on the set of Mogambo ; with Oleg Cassini, costume designer and stylist, she came within a whisker of marriage.

13. On April 4, 1956, the ocean liner Constitution sails from New York with the diva on board who is preparing to be a princess. The crossing is eight days: with her there is also the black poodle Oliver, a gift from Cary Grant.

14. It is April 19, 1956. The wedding dress was made with 46 meters of taffeta, another 90 of silk tulle and 290 of Valenciennes lace. It was created by Hollywood costume designer Helen Rose.

fifteen. The bride had perfect measurements: 1.78 in height by only 54 centimeters of waistline.

16. Leonardo Saviano, historian of the Grimaldi, notes: «They called it Ice Glace, ice. At first he experienced an identity crisis. She came out of it rediscovering her European and Irish roots, and then stepping into her new role: those of the perfect princess ».

17. To save Grace, who is pregnant for Carolina, the prince orders in America all the appliances that have not yet been put on sale in Europe.

18. She said, 'It took me hard to get used to marriage and even more to learn French.'

19. Ranieri recognized Grace's political ability and image, which contributed to the fortune of the Principality. He called her 'my foreign minister'.

twenty. The princess wrote for Today: 'Caroline's biggest toy is a stuffed bear sent by the crew of an American submarine that stopped in the harbor when the baby was born. He is so big that he has a hard time going through the door ... I have a habit of speaking English with the little girl, but I call her Caroline, in French '.

Grace Kelly, relive the tale of the actress who became a princess in the exclusive images of Today - guard

twenty-one. Carolina's mother, Alberto and Stéphanie, said in a 1975 interview: 'It is the woman who' makes 'the family. It is up to her to keep her husband and children close. I think the father's task is to teach her what her authority is, the mother must enforce it. '

22. And again: «When Caroline was little, I was forced to resort to some healthy slap to teach her the sense of discipline. With Alberto, on the other hand, it was enough to make a big voice. For Stéphanie I should have resorted to the hard way a long time ago. '

23. It turns out an old-fashioned Grace, when she says: 'A mother must always prefer her children to a career and this was my choice'.

24. With a speech in 1971, at a congress in Chicago, the princess becomes the standard-bearer of the breastfeeding campaign.

25. Professor Saviano recalls: 'For a long time the films of Miss Grace Patricia Kelly were banned in Monaco, to underline the radical change of life: from actress to sovereign'.

26. The princess once said: 'I dream of five or six children.' 'But she had two abortions,' the historian still remembers. «In September 1964, during the wedding in Athens of Constantine of Greece, he then risked losing Stéphanie in the fifth month of pregnancy».

27. When she surrendered at Carolina's wedding to playboy Philippe Junot, she ran away saying: 'They will last maybe two years.' She and she were sacrosanct right.

28. Nadia Lacoste, the historian public relations officer in Monaco, said: «The princess paid little attention to chatter and the line because she loved to eat well. It was she who organized the first hamburger barbecues in the Principality and it was a real revolution! ».

29. Professor Saviano recalls: 'In the couple, it was she who suffered from jealousy: at the dances she kept an eye on Ranieri and if she noticed some gallantry too much with a lady, she pointed it out to him'.

30. Tell me I know in an interview Today 1979: «A person who refuses to adapt to the changing times is old. Here, I have learned not to be afraid of time ».

Grace Kelly, the crisis with Prince Rainier and the 'no' that cost her the most - guard

31. And again: 'As a child I wanted to be a boy to be able to look like my father: he was a man with a strong personality, with a lot of heart and a great sense of humor'.

32. Hollywood. 'I don't know any other place in the world where so many people suffer from nervous breakdowns, where there are so many alcoholics and unhappiness.'

33. On Ranieri: 'The prince told me with affectionate irony:' Anyone who marries an American must be careful not to become the head of the family. ' Actually we Americans have the commanding spirit, but I have tried to soften myself ».

3. 4. In the 1960s, on the advice of her trusted coiffeur Alexander, Grace switched from the wedding chignon to a cut renamed Artichoke, artichoke. She loved turbans: 'They always have a presentable appearance.'

35. Favorite designers: he adored the tunics of the Grès maison, the Dior dresses of the period Marc Bohan, Chanel, Balenciaga and Givenchy.

36. Louisette Lévy-Soussan Azzoaglio, who was Grace's right-hand man, said: «As for makeup, she did it by herself like in Hollywood. She allowed herself to be settled only for important evenings, but she just needed a little powder and mascara. Of course it was impossible to see it out of place ».

37. In 1994, Robert Lacey drew a sad and mature princess, addicted to alcohol and distant from her husband. Full of regrets. Ranieri unleashed his lawyers against those who dared to muddy the beloved Grace.

38. Frédéric Mitterrand, a leading expert on crowned heads, says: “Grace was sweet but also strong, sensitive but also energetic, nostalgic yet positive. Depressive and positive, I would say, prone to depression and yet optimistic ».

39. Professor Saviano concludes: 'In the early Eighties, in agreement with Grace, Ranieri hinted that he would soon abdicate to enjoy his private life.' But the fate of that September 14, 1982 changed the course of events.

40. Thus the immortal echo of an icon remains. Luchino Visconti, who would have liked her so much in one of his films, said: 'What need is there to meet Grace? The masterpieces are contemplated ».