Greta Scarano, the Ilary Blasi of TV: 'I met her, she is strong and fragile'

In the series Circeo defends the victim of the massacre that shook Italy. Ilary Blasi was also on TV: 'I met her, she is strong and fragile'

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Greta Scarano has big green eyes and a cream colored dress. She speaks softly with that light and proud Roman accent that not even her profession has managed to eradicate. The 36-year-old actress stars in Circeo , the series streaming on the new Paramount+ platform that reconstructs the massacre that shocked the country in 1975. Better, the two trials of the massacrers – Photo | video

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At one point in the series, Tina Lagostena Bassi (played by Pia Lancilotti), gets up in the courtroom and says: «We have to get to change the law on sexual violence». At her side is Teresa Capogrossi, that is Greta Scarano, her assistant, who adds: 'We are here to question ourselves about what we want to defend about our being human'. Except that the first, 'the women's lawyer', really existed and with her battles she marked Italian history a bit, she certainly helped change the penal code. The other is a fictional character, a narrative expedient to delve into the story of Rosaria Lopez and Donatella Colasanti, the young girls from the suburbs deceived, raped and tortured on a September night by three twenty-year-olds from Pario, sons of fathers, in the seaside villa of one of three. The first died, the second survived by chance or by a miracle, finding - at least in fiction Circeo – “someone to protect her”. That is the Capogrossi lawyer to whom Greta Scarano lends her face and, perhaps, even her soul.

Greta Scarano marries Sydney Sibilia after saying… “no”! The director changed her mind about marriage – guard

A fictional character, who embodies much more.
'A summary. In one character the team of lawyers who represented Donatella Colasanti. Teresa is an invention, but she actually exists. I did a lot of documentation work, thanks to the material from the Rai archive and some documentaries that restore the atmosphere of the time and in which the feminists of the time speak. Among them, Mariella Gramaglia, who inspired me in terms of aesthetics and posture. I was looking for a woman born in the fifties but, for her time, modern. I thought of a woman prepared, determined, independent in her feelings, not interested in having a family. At the time, something not so common.
Gramaglia was the right profile, alongside Lagostena Bassi he played a key role in the whole process of women's liberation ».

Rosaria died immediately, Donatella in 2005. Was there a way to meet someone who was there at the time?
«I met Bianca Pomeranzi, who was part of the Roman feminist movement and followed all the phases of the process. The three screenwriters had the opportunity to speak with the family members of Rosaria and Donatella: the scenes of daily life are inevitably a little filtered from their story. But my job, after all, is always the same: to capture the spirit of the characters, whether fictional or real. And I am “surgical”, I must have all the answers to feel my role».

'Trial for rape' was broadcast on TV, followed by 13 million viewers.
“The vision shook public opinion. But the Circeo had already been a fundamental page: the story of Donatella Colasanti as a spark, as a powerful detonator, led to the revision of the law on sexual violence'.

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Would such a thing be possible today?
«The trials on TV are still there now, I often see them, but they don't move anything. The truth is that we are more used to violence, anesthetized. I believe that even today many people think that she 'asked for it', that a woman risks rape because maybe she put on a skirt ».

We have come to know her in very different roles, but linked by one characteristic: they are all tough women, outside the box. A choice or a coincidence?
“A mix. I really like investigating fragility in strength, a very feminine thing we hear about, often in a rhetorical way. The facets attract me. In my career I've only tried not to repeat myself, but I end up doing it all the time, because then the stories that excite me are those of characters that aren't immediately understandable. The more I grow, the stronger I feel the need to explore new territories and I do everything I can to continue my research».

Who would she like to be?
“I'm interested in environmental issues. I was watching, days ago, the backstage of the last Thor and there the actors had a lot of fun. I thought: I would love to make a superhero. Yes, a superhero who saves Mother Earth».

She grew up in the same neighborhood as Ilary Blasi and played her in I was hoping she died earlier. Can we include her among those strong and fragile women at the same time?
'I met her. I worked on trying to figure out who she was, I discovered things and yes, she is part of this multitude. However, it's me who is not part of that segment of the population that is eagerly interested in the private life of the famous. The separation from Totti is a personal story».

But the Rolexes, the Birkins, text messages to lovers… Did you expect it? From a professional point of view, what did he leave you?
«It is a set that I remember with great love, where we talked about a great love. I am left with this: for what I have experienced and for what I have interpreted».

And like all great loves, they end at some point.
'That's what they say.'