Guenda Goria, the story of the great fear: 'I'm alive by a miracle'

The daughter of Amedeo and Maria Teresa Ruta confesses with an open heart. Telling in detail the most dramatic moment she experienced with her partner Mirko Gancini

 guenda-goria-mirko-gancitano-extrauterine-pregnancy-1012x506 Guenda Goria and Mirko Gancitano, return to normal after the great fear Photo Video

Guenda Goria reveals that he risked his life. For an ectopic pregnancy. Also because it all happened when she still didn't know she was pregnant. And she tells it, with her voice broken by her emotion, next to her mother Maria Teresa Ruta. While her partner Mirko Gancitano has always been by her side, even in her pain – Photo | video

Guenda Goria and the great fear: 'I am alive by a miracle' Guenda Goria and the great fear: 'I am alive by a miracle'

Guenda Goria and Mirko Gancitano, wedding in Santo Domingo – guard

“LIVE FOR A MIRACLE” – Guenda Goria recounts what happened to her last summer, due to a pregnancy with various complications: 'I'm here alive by a miracle,' says the daughter of Maria teresa Ruta and Amedeo Goria, a guest of Serena Bortone on Oggi è another day. “The worst case that can happen in case of an ectopic pregnancy happened to me, which is already rare. I was already trying for a baby, but had no symptoms and hadn't taken a pregnancy test yet. At one point I had a big hemorrhage in a bar in Milan and I was alone, I was in a lake of blood and then I passed out. They did blood tests and I was pregnant, but the ultrasound in the uterus showed nothing. They told me that the embryo was growing in a tube and that it was an ectopic pregnancy. I was really petrified, I didn't know how to react. Shocked by the news.'

Guenda Goria, lunch with Father Amedeo ends… with a tantrum! – exclusive

THE EMERGENCY HOSPITALIZATION – Guenda Goria was then urgently hospitalized and operated on. Later, other complications, which forced her to a particularly prolonged hospitalization. Until her resignation and the return to (almost) normality with Mirko Gancitano, after her great fear: 'I almost died', she says today with tears in her eyes.