Guendalina Tavassi accuses her ex-husband Umberto D’Aponte before the judges: 'He beat me in the head'

The former gieffina claims to have been mistreated and beaten several times. The ex-husband ended up in jail in February for violating the ban on approaching. And now the new accusations in the courtroom

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Guendalina Tavassi accuses her ex-husband Umberto D’Aponte of mistreating and beating her. And she does it in front of the judges, in the trial that she sees him accused of mistreatment in the family, aggravated injuries and damage, recounting a nightmare marriage, ended in a terrible way: 'she hit me in the head' - Photo | video

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A DIFFICULT MARRIAGE - The former gieffina and then shipwrecked on the Island of the Famous, 36, was married to the two-year-old entrepreneur in 2013. But in 2021, after having two children with him, Chloe and Salvatore, she separated . In the classroom, she unveiled a series of shocking episodes, reported by the Messenger, in a couple relationship that she defines as a 'constant threatening and denigrating me.'

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THE PATHS - The story is dramatic: “He chased me with a baseball bat and beat me on the head”. And again: “We had a fight and she broke the window pane which ended up in the baby's crib”. And again: “Once you broke my nose throwing the keys to my car”. He claims that when she told him she wanted to end the relationship, he feigned seizures in front of her children. And that when they met in the lawyer Leonardo D 'Erasmo's office, there was the umpteenth attack: 'I was recording it with my cell phone because I was afraid of his reactions. I told him and he went on a rampage by attacking me and breaking my cell phone. '

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THE PROHIBITION OF APPROACH - It was then that she asked for a ban on approaching, which her ex-husband violated by attacking the influencer's new companion, Federico Perna, in front of his son's school and thus ending up in prison in February of this year. The entrepreneur, through his lawyers, however, denies any physical violence and rejects all accusations.