Gustavo Adolfo Rol, the paranormal: bilocation, levitation, telekinesis… Here's who he really was, explained by those who knew him well

Clairvoyance, time travel, precognition... 28 years after the death of the master of the Illuminati (as Zeffirelli called him), an exceptional witness reveals his secrets. And he advises: 'Do not think of a magician, but of Buddha'

  rol-grandson-today-6 Franco Rol tells Oggi exclusively who Gustavo Adolfo Rol was

Gustavo Adolfo Rol was one of the least incriminable figures in the field of the paranormal. 28 years after his death, Anselma Dell'Olio is making a documentary that sees him as the protagonist and Franco Rol, custodian of a well-documented archive concerning him, publishes a new book that also talks about him. We reached out to him in Brazil, where he lives, to let us tell him about the Rol phenomenon.

Gerry Scotti, prayer at the funeral of Maurizio Costanzo Gerry Scotti, prayer at the funeral of Maurizio Costanzo

Franco, how do you remember him? «He was a wise man in the human and philosophical sense, with two penetrating and kind eyes that looked like windows onto the infinite, a person unlike any other yet apparently normal. He was related to my family, who had frequent visits with him. I considered him like a grandfather to ask for advice».

How do you keep Rol's memory alive? «Ever since I dedicated a site to him in 2000 ( ), and then later with books, articles, unpublished audio, video, photographic documents published on social networks, my job is to collect testimonies, deepen and clarify his thinking, dismantle the conclusions of the skeptics, and explain the dynamics of his experiments'.

Is there any project that can anticipate us? «Anselma Dell'Olio is preparing a documentary about him. And these days a new book of mine is coming out, entitled Resurrections. From Lazzaro to Role (Editions The Age of Aquarius, Lindau). Gustavo would have resurrected my maternal grandfather Franco Rol, industrialist and motor racing driver, to whom he was very close. The episode took place in 1953 at the Targa Florio. My grandfather had an accident and was left for dead. When he had already been placed in the coffin and was in the funeral home, he came back to life. Marina Ceratto Boratto testified to this in 2020, author of a monograph on Fellini and daughter of the actress Caterina Boratto who worked with the director and who met Rol, who told her, among other things, that he had resurrected Franco. I face the story as if it were a cold case and I start from that episode to analyze this phenomenon in the history of religions'.

What were Rol's most striking paranormal manifestations? «I have classified 50. The apex consists of: bilocation, levitation, telekinesis, time travel, solid surface penetration, post-mortem action; and then healing power, precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy, materialization of objects and many others. All this without a trance and with the appearance of normality: this is one of the reasons why it is wrong to call him a 'medium', or even a 'magician' or 'psychic'».

So how would you define it? «As the director Franco Zeffirelli did, in 1987, on Domenica In: “Un grande Illuminato”. That is, a spiritual Master who had achieved enlightenment as a young man, like the Buddha. It is the only correct definition, confirmed by him among other things in a post-mortem apparition witnessed in 1999 by Mrs. Chiara Barbieri, now disappeared, owner of a veterinary center, and whom I knew very well».

Have you witnessed any of these paranormal manifestations? «I have known him since I was a child and attended between my 14 and 20 years, until 1992, when I moved to Africa. I saw the 'basic' experiments with playing cards, which were still extraordinary and which he actually made me do».

Personalities such as Federico Fellini, politicians and heads of state turned to him. «Rol was a charismatic personality, with an encyclopedic culture, elegant, refined, sensitive, a true gentleman. Famous and powerful had the opportunity to know him, others who knocked on his door did not let them in, it did not matter if they were at the top of the elite. Instead, he opened it to many simple people who needed his help. He had a very special friendship with Fellini, they had a lot in common ».

There are countless studies on Rol. How can we orient ourselves? «To date, about thirty monographs have been published, including my own (seven). Above all, they are collections of testimonies from those who knew him, which contain both Rol's phenomenology and thought, as well as aspects of his character. I have published an ideal lineup on how to 'gradually and productively enter Rol's history' at the top of the bibliographic page of the site. Of my books, I would recommend starting with one of the latter, Fellini&Rol . A magical reality (2022), because you will find all the updated parameters and references on how to orient yourself and some precise explanations on the 'mystery Rol', which for me is not a mystery'.