Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and the others. When stars become beauty entrepreneurs (but not only ...)

Why settle for half a million dollars a movie when you can get rich with lipsticks and sex toys? The Oscar-winning actress led the way. And J. Lo, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Madonna didn't stand by and watch

  paltrow-madonna-lopez-lady-gaga-today-33 Gwyneth Paltrow, the scent of money (and sex) Photo

When she sold Yoni eggs for $ 66, jade eggs to put in the vagina ('to maintain the elasticity of the uterus'), the tabloids made fun of her, gynecologists called her crazy ('they can cause infections'), economists predicted failure for Goop , the platform of lifestyle products and advice that Gwyneth Paltrow quietly launched in 2008. But she was right. And how. And never mind if you then had to pay a fine of 145 thousand dollars for misleading advertising - Photo

Peanuts than the current value of Goop , estimated at around 250 million euros, and the following it generated, almost like a religious sect. Paltrow (Oscar winner for Shakespeare in love ) could have focused on acting, but preferred to play the entrepreneur. She retains the role of Pepper Potts in the Marvel films but, as she admits herself, her male colleagues earn a lot more. And why settle for half a million dollars a movie when ridiculously expensive sex toys can be sold? So Paltrow has focused on women's wellness, the well-being of women. On Goop there are the most varied products, such as exfoliating milk that the entrepreneur herself has advertised with a Cleopatra-style bath. But most of all Gwyneth addresses female sexual frustrations. Aside from the infamous eggs, now removed from the site, she offers an impressive collection of brightly colored vibrators. The last one is called Double-sided Wand , a $ 95 double action “magic wand” sold out immediately. There is even one in 24-karat gold version (for 10 thousand euros).

Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul McCartney and Beyoncé: flexitarianism is no longer a fashion. Now it has also conquered Italy - guard

And in the elegant crewneck to wear for a special evening, there are two micro-vibrators for nipples. Among the best-selling products, scented candles. The most popular is the one with the extraordinarily explicit name: This smells like my vagina , this is the smell of my vagina, in practice. A marketing masterpiece because, in reality, the intense scent comes from geranium, bergamot, cedar and rose. While the Sex dust (sex powder), is a simple supplement based on cocoa and various plants, which should 'excite sexual energy'.

NOT ONLY THE PALTROW .. . - Paltrow did not just create a brand, but a kind of philosophy, however abstruse he is. And although many celebrities have used their fame to sell shoes, dresses or lipsticks, few have managed to build a small empire that grinds money but also proselytes.

RIHANNA - Became the youngest American billionaire, but not thanks to music (hasn't released an album since 2016). The winning move was the toss of Fenty Beauty , the line of inclusive cosmetics, with dozens of shades of skin color, which in the first forty days achieved sales of 100 million dollars. Today the brand is worth 3 billion euros and is about to get rich by Fenty Hair , hair care products. But that is not all. Rihanna also launched Savage , a sexy lingerie brand for all sizes that according to Forbes is already worth a billion. It's easy to see why the Barbadian singer practically ditched music to go into business.

LADY GAGA - He's not giving up on anything. The successes of House of Gucci and the Las Vegas shows haven't stopped her from creating, in just a few years, the third-volume cosmetics brand founded by celebrities. About her Yours House Labs recorded a profit of 140 million euros in 2020 and managed to enter the elite of distribution, that is, the Sephora stores, at least in the United States.

JENNIFER LOPEZ - She is the global entrepreneur. At the beginning there were dance and pop songs, then came the roles in the cinema and on TV. Sponsorships and collaborations, perfumes, the real estate portfolio, the adventure as a stylist, film co-productions and finally JLo Beauty. The brand, which started last year, has been offering skin care products that haven't been talked about for weeks, thanks to a clever marketing campaign that sees Lopez naked (gorgeous at 53) to advertise a firming cream. buttocks. The reviews are already stellar and it seems sales go hand in hand.

MADONNA - Maybe it's not so good for Madonna. After the last album of 2019, between one photo without veils and the other, she dedicated herself to the project Mdna Skin , a skincare line whose main ingredients are the thermal waters and muds of Montecatini Terme. The products can be found online but for now the stores are only in Japan, China and Taiwan. With the revitalizing serum at 240 euros and the facial mask at 460, the brand has not entered among the most popular but aims at a very select clientele. The Material Girl doesn't care about money (anymore). Her fortune, amassed in forty years of career, now amounts to 1.2 billion euros.