Hadis Najafi, killed the 'girl with the tail' who demonstrated for Mahsa Amini

She was 20, she had become the symbol of the protest that is shaking Iran. She was killed with six bullets in Karaj, near Tehran. In one video she tied her hair with an elastic before a demonstration

 ++'Uccisa in Iran Hadith Najafi', simbolo delle proteste ++ Hadis Najafi was killed with 6 bullets near Tehran Video

Hadis Najafi, the 20-year-old Iranian woman who became a symbol in the protests for the murder of Mahsa Amini, was killed with six gunshots during a demonstration in Karaj, near Tehran. - video 1 | video 2

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THE SYMBOL AND DEATH - The journalist Masih Alinejad reported on her Twitter profile about her death: 'Her sister told me she was only 20 years old and was killed by 6 bullets in the city of Karaj'. She would be hit by six bullets in her chest, face and neck. A murder therefore sought and prosecuted to put an end to her rebellion. Hadis became famous on the Net thanks to a video in which she tied her blond hair with her elastic and demonstrated without her veil, which is mandatory in Iran. The most symbolic of the protests for the murder of Mahsa Amini.

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THE REVOLTS - Mahsa was 22 years old. She had been arrested and beaten to death for an absurd reason: she wore the veil imposed by the Islamic republic badly. But this time the young people reacted, demonstrating throughout the country to the cry of 'death to the dictator', despite a massive intervention by the 'police of morality'. Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi said: “I saw outrage and hope in their faces and in the way they marched through the streets. I deeply respect their struggle for freedom and the right to choose their own destiny despite all the brutality to which they are subject. I am proud of the powerful women of my country and I sincerely hope that through their efforts they will achieve their goals ”.

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