Harald Glööckler in tears during beauty surgery

  Harald Glööckler experienced a stroke of fate during a cosmetic surgery. Harald Glööckler experienced a stroke of fate during a cosmetic surgery. image: IMAGO / Bernd Elmenthaler

Harald Glööckler is known for extravagance and glamour. In the middle of Interview With RTL But it suddenly came over the 57-year-old and the fashion czar couldn't hide his emotions. The reason for the emotional outburst was a phone call that completely upset the designer.

Actually, Harald Glööckler's day should have gone differently. A twelve-hour hair transplant was planned, which should help the TV star to shine again. So, from the beginning, hardships were on the program of the ex-jungle camp participant, but it wasn't the intervention that bothered him so much.

Physical and emotional effort for Harald Glööckler

While the fashion designer was being transplanted with his own hair roots for hours, there was another stress factor. When he called, the designer suddenly received sad news: The sister of his beloved dog Billy King has to be put down. Harald Glööckler burst into tears.

Harald probably had a close connection to the toy spaniel lady. After all, Glööckler actually wanted to take the dog to him before her brother Billy King conquered the heart of the fashion designer.

Dogs mean a lot to Harald Glööckler

The manager of the former 'Let's Dance' judge, Elena Toris, knows why the call threw Glööckler so much off track:

'Love of animals is a special thing, where he allows emotionality and closeness. Billy King is his closest confidante. He triggers little Harald in him.'
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Harald Glööckler himself knows exactly why this bad news affected him so much. Even as a child he maintained a close relationship Friendship to his dog . 'If there was trouble again or the father was aggressive, then the dog would come. And I found that enormous, because at that moment she clearly took my side,' explains the touched designer.

But that life must go on. In the case of Harald Glööckler with the cosmetic surgery. The fashion czar decided to ignore the fateful call and bravely went through with the procedure. The 57-year-old also thought about his own death, but he wasn't afraid. On the contrary, he 'didn't give a fuck,' he clarified. Because 'it's a long time away and when I'm dead, I'm dead,' he explained.

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