Harry of England had an idea to make peace with the Windsors. But no one took it well ...

The Sussexes have already returned to California. Without meeting King Charles, as hoped. Also because new backstories arise on the break with the royal family. And, above all, how the sovereign had really taken the Megxit. Despite the last attempt of the nephew

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As Harry and Meghan return to California to their children after Elizabeth II's funeral, more revelations about relations between the Sussex and Windsor pop up. They are contained in the book The new royals, to be released on October 4, written by Katie Nicholl, long-time journalist and royal watcher, usually very well informed about royal affairs - Photo | video

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THE IDEA OF THE MEDIATOR - Harry and Meghan made a stop in the UK in the spring and then flew to Holland for the Invictus Games. Before having tea with the sovereign, they had met Carlo and Camilla. They had arrived late, leaving the current king only 15 minutes to talk to his son about him. During this meeting the Duke of Sussex had said he wanted to start from scratch, to repair relations with his family and had suggested using an external mediator, someone who would have them reconciled. No one knows who: a therapist? A life coach? Carlo and Camilla would have looked at each other in shock, her tea would have gone the wrong way and he would have had a somewhat perplexed expression. Camilla would have been the first to speak: “It's ridiculous! We are a family and we will solve the problems between us ».

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THE REGINA AND THE MEGXIT - Nobody really knows how Elizabeth took the removal of her nephew from the family. But a source close to her Majesty told the author: 'The queen was very hurt by the behavior of the Sussexes, but she too was exhausted. She once said on the subject: 'I don't know, I don't care, I don't want to talk about it anymore' '. She was also disappointed not to be able to see her great grandchildren Archie and Lilibet and she was particularly sorry that Harry and Meghan had not accepted her invitation for a sleepover in Sandringham in August, where she had hosted all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Someone else, however, breathed a sigh of relief when the Sussexes decided to emigrate to the US. William and Kate were quite satisfied, they thought that with Harry and Meghan away there would be no more drama.

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THE VENDETTA OF THE KING Nicholl also suggests that King Charles III could deny Archie and Lilibet the title of royal heights if Harry's autobiography book and the Netflix documentary he is preparing were particularly damaging to the monarchy. This is why the two children automatically became princes after Elizabeth's death, but their official titles are still Master and Miss.

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AT HOME WITHOUT PEACE AGREEMENTS - Meghan and Harry reportedly returned to California yesterday after spending two weeks in the UK. The proximity, however, would not have produced any peace agreement with the family, at least according to the American journalist Gayle King, a friend of the couple. She wouldn't have helped that Harry was humiliated (as was Uncle Andrea) and forced not to wear military uniform at his grandmother's funeral. The duke was not even invited to the reception for the powerful of the earth on the eve of the funeral. Indeed, he had received the invitation, but only by mistake.
Doubly embarrassing.

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