Harry of England talks about his new life in California with Meghan Markle: 'Actually... we have five children!'

The Duke of Sussex intervenes in a video call with the little winners of the WellChild Awards and reveals some unpublished details about his family. Then one of the kids makes him laugh with a joke. While he ponders not to publish his explosive biography…

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Away from Buckingham Palace Harry feels at ease. And he shows. During a video call with the winners of the WellChild Awards he seemed relaxed, ironic, full of energy, especially while talking to the children who have won recognition for their small, big deeds. And during the chat, the Duke of Sussex revealed some details of his private life and his 'five children'. Not to mention that it seems that he will give up publishing his explosive biography himself… – Photo | video

Harry of England, the boy's joke makes him laugh Harry of England, the boy's joke makes him laugh

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THE FOUR-LEGGED - Harry and Meghan live in their €12 million mansion in Montecito, California. In the family, she explained, there are five: “We all need a dog to keep us calm. I have three, a black labrador called Pula, a beagle called Guy and another beagle we recently got from the shelter called Mia. They run around, chase squirrels and cause a lot of trouble, but when they are well behaved they are a huge psychological and emotional support. It's basically like having five kids.'

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AND THE CHILDREN GROW UP - Harry was supposed to reward the children himself, but the sudden death of Grandma Elizabeth forced him to change his plans. One of the winners, Henry Waynes, age 4, affection from serious health problems, she asked him how her children were. He replied like this: “Very good! Archie is always very busy and Lili is learning to use his voice ”. The duke also explained that his first name is Henry (to be precise, Henry Charles Albert David) 'but everyone calls me Harry and I have no idea why'. It was his parents, Carlo and Diana, who announced that that would be his name. They addressed him as 'Henry' only when he had combined one of his and they wanted to scold him.

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WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE BIOGRAPHY - Harry seemed serene during the call. But if you listen to the newspapers, both American and British, he is reportedly fighting to edit the biography of him coming out with Penguin Random House. He would like to make it less critical of the royal family, but the publishing house does not seem to agree. According to journalist and royal biographer Tina Brown, the book will never see the light of day because Harry knows that 'if he leaves there will be no way back into the family.' It would be a point of no return. Brown, who just published the intriguing The Palace papers , also argues that the Sussexes, in Montecito, are considered 'poor' compared to the mega-millionaires of Hollywood and it is also for this reason that they would be considering moving to Hope Ranch, an elegant and quiet neighborhood in Santa Barbara, more suitable for a family.

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