Harry of England, the mystery revealed: this is why he arrived late at his grandmother dying

New background emerges on the queen's last hours of life. Including the explanation as to why the rebellious nephew lost so much time that he let the flight to Balmoral take off. And once again Meghan Markle is involved

  meghan-markle-harry-inghilterra-funerale-furious-1920 Meghan Markle and Harry of England at Queen Elizabeth's funeral. In spite of everything Photo Video

While waiting to know the true cause of Elizabeth II's death, a mystery has been cleared up. On the day of the sovereign's disappearance, a RAF plane had brought Prince William and his uncles Andrea and Edoardo (with his wife) from London to Balmoral. Harry hadn't come aboard, however. Because? - Photo | video

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THE QUEST BETWEEN FATHER AND SON - According to a source interviewed by the Sun, Harry had wasted so much time arguing with his father Charles and trying to get the family to let Meghan go to Scotland too, that he would simply be late for his flight. King Charles had warned his second son that his wife's presence would not be appropriate. Even Kate Middleton had stayed home with her children. Harry, on the other hand, was of another opinion, he wanted to travel with Meghan at his side. Between phone calls and communications between private secretaries, time passed, the plane took off and Harry didn't have time to board. He thus had to find another passage, but then only arrived in Balmoral after the announcement of his death had been spread.

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THE FURIOUS PRINCE - It is understandable that Harry was furious. Both for the setback to Meghan and for the missed flight. And that is why he would have refused his father's invitation to dinner at Birkhall, along with William and the queen consort. Instead he would have dinner with Andrea and the Wessex. The Countess of Wessex, Sophie, in particular, has always been very maternal with Harry and is trying to mediate between the two brothers to reconcile them. But so far she has not succeeded. William cannot forgive Harry for all the criticism of the family and if the bereavement has physically brought them closer together, relations remain cold. Now that the Sussexes have returned to their children in California, the royal family fears more interviews and revelations about the funeral that should remain private. But the Queen 'adored Harry to the end,' says Daily Mail royal watcher Robert Hardman, and she always hoped the brothers would make peace.

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CAMILLA AND MEGHAN - A new book coming out in Great Britain (Camilla, duchess of Cornwall: a royal survivor, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: a royal survivor, by Angela Levin), claims that at the beginning Camilla had tried in every way to act as a mentor to newcomer Meghan Markle. The queen consort knew something about criticism and unfavorable press, she was the most hated woman in Britain, but she managed to survive, without being overwhelmed, and she wanted to teach Meghan how to hold on. But according to the author, the Duchess of Sussex was not interested in her, on the contrary she was bored by her attentions, and was convinced that she could do what she liked.
So it was, but we all know the result.

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