Harry Styles beats (even) Timothée Chalamet: he is the real star of the Venice Film Festival

The former leader of One Direction has been hailed as a star. In the applausometer he overtook everyone. Perhaps also because he is at the Lido to present the film on the set of which love was born for his partner (and director) Olivia Wilde. A couple that promises sparks

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If it were a competition, Harry Styles would probably win. Yes, because the former One Direction frontman is in Venice for the Venice Film Festival and, since dawn, there have been many fans crowded in front of the red carpet. Some even come from abroad and spend the whole day in the sun with the hope of being able to see their favorite. Same scenes also seen with Timothée Chalamet a few days ago, but the situation seems to be even hotter for the British singer. The police cordon around the Lido has been strengthened to welcome him and the screams invoking his name can be heard from every corner - Photo | video

Harry Styles, bathed in crowds for his arrival in Venice - guard

TOGETHER WITH HIS MUSE - Harry Styles is at the festival to present the film he stars in: Don’t worry darling by Olivia Wilde, companion of the musician. With him also the other interpreters: Florence Pugh, one of the most rising faces of Hollywood in recent years, Chris Pine and Gemma Chang. Presented out of competition, the film is a dystopian and psychological thriller set in the 1950s in a community built in the desert by a visionary CEO. In reality, behind this paradise, which traces the patriarchal society of those years (husbands leave early in the morning to go to work, wives stay at home to treat the domestic outbreak) there is a terrible secret. Alice, played by Florence Pugh, will begin to glimpse the cracks in this fantasy world, until an unexpected epilogue.

Elodie challenges Penelope Cruz (and all the others) in Venice: pass and fail on the red carpet - guard

SOME Controversies - The leading actress, Florence Pugh, does not attend the press conference, but will arrive at the Lido directly for the evening red carpet. The rumors say that between her and the director there are misunderstandings born from the relationship that Olivia Wilde has with Harry Styles. A couple who, among other things, we will see for the first time parading together right here in Venice and whose love was born on the set of this film. “As with all the endless tabloid gossip out there, the internet feeds itself. I don't feel the need to contribute; I think it is sufficiently self-powered. Florence is a force and we are deeply grateful that she is able to be here even though it is in production - explains the director, motivating the absence of the actress with filming for the sequel to Dune in which Pugh is participating. “I am delighted that you can celebrate with us and honored that you are the protagonist. Don't mind all the gossip, the internet is based on this ”.

Everything, absolutely everything, on the Venice Film Festival - special

THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FANS - “Our community is what we make of it. I am extremely grateful to those who have supported me in life, the friends who have given me a place to be myself and express myself with my music. All this is thanks to the environment that I was able to experience and I hope to be able to give this space back to others. It's the thing I care about the most, ”he says at a press conference.

Timothée Chalamet at the Venice Film Festival: 'How difficult it is to be young today: you are always under judgment

HARRY'S STYLE - There is a lot of curiosity about the dress that Styles will choose for his red carpet. The singer and actor, in fact, has always accustomed his audience to great outfits, rigorously signed by Gucci. For the press conference, the former One Direction chooses flared trousers and an open pinstripe jacket over a tank top, and a touch of color with a blue scarf.

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