Hasib Omerovic, one of the four policemen who entered the house is speaking

While the Prosecutor's Office opens an investigation for attempted murder and forgery in public deed, the story of one of the agents arrives (in plain clothes and without a warrant). Here is his version

  Omerovic case: non c'era mandato di perquisizione The family demands justice for Hasib Omerovich

On the case of Hasib Omerovic, the 36-year-old deaf-mute who fell from the window of his house last July 25, there would be a video capable of documenting what really happened. This was stated by one of the four officers who arrived at his home, but without a mandate from the Public Prosecutor: 'We followed all the procedures required for an identification intervention, we entered the house, there were a man and a woman, but there is no it was time to do anything. He threw himself. '

Hasib Omerovich, the yellow of the disabled person who fell through the window: everything that doesn't add up - guard

HISTORY - Hasib, who is still in serious condition, comes from a Bosnian family of Roma ethnicity. His family is the assignee of the apartment where he lives in Primavalle. He is clean and has no ongoing investigation. But on July 25, four policemen showed up at the door of the house, without any mandate from the judiciary. He is in with his sister Sonita, 31, who has a cognitive disability. It seems that the reason for the visit stemmed from some reports, which would have been reported in a post on Facebook then deleted, in which Hasib was accused of having molested some girls in the neighborhood. In fact, Hasib later falls to the ground from the window. Hasib's mother, Fatima, tells Repubblica what Sonita has about her: “She took me to the bedroom and told me that my son had been beaten, kicked, punched, beaten and then the police they had taken by the feet and thrown from the window ”. The family presents a complaint: 'Our son did not fall, he was pushed downstairs.' The prosecutor opens a file for attempted murder and forgery in public deed. Deputy Riccardo Magi presents a parliamentary question to Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese.

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HO A VIDEO - Now, of the intervening agents, Andrea, speaks to the Messenger: 'We entered, there were a man and a woman in the house, we asked for documents, the procedure was regular and before intervening we made a passage with the local police to understand if these people had already been identified but nothing came of it ”. But he assures that he has 'photos and videos' capable of documenting the approximately 45 minutes of the intervention: 'When requested, they will be provided and filed'. He confirms that they had gone to Hasib 'for that post on Facebook and for some reports that arrived at the police station'. However, there was no complaint against the Roma. In any case, Andrea adds, 'there was no time to identify them' because Hasib 'threw himself' below.

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THE BARTENDER - The owner of the largest bar in Primavalle, Paolo Soldani, known as Er Barone, also peeps out in this story with outlines still to be clarified. He explains to Corriere della Sera that on the very evening when the drama took place, she should have gone to Hasib: “I know Erika well, she often comes to the bar, she is a good girl, clean, very attached to her brother. I should have gone just that evening, just to talk to Hasib and tell him to end it once and for all, to stop her harassing attitudes towards the women of the neighborhood. I know, Hasib is deaf but Erika would have helped me with sign language ”. But she didn't make it in time.

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