Hasib Omerovich, the yellow of the disabled person who fell through the window: everything that doesn't add up

The 36-year-old deaf-mute fell out of the window after agents broke into his home on 25 July. There was a struggle for the family. The cops didn't have a warrant. But many pieces are still missing

  Omerovic case: non c'era mandato di perquisizione The family demands justice for Hasib Omerovich

What really happened to Hasib Omerovich? The disabled Roma man fell from the window of his home in Primavalle for eight meters after officers entered his home for a checkup. He is still in serious condition and a file has been opened for 'attempted murder in competition' against unknown persons. But now it turns out that the policemen who arrived at his door did not have a search warrant. And the prosecutor has decided to listen to them.

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THE CASE - Hasib is 36 years old. Deaf-mute, he comes from a Bosnian family of Roma ethnicity. His family is the assignee of the apartment in which he lives. The man is cleansed and has no ongoing investigation. But on July 25, four policemen show up at the front door. He is in with his sister Sonita, 31, who has a cognitive disability. According to what is learned, the reason for the visit stemmed from some reports, which would have been reported in a post on Facebook then deleted, in which Hasib was accused of having molested some girls in the neighborhood. In fact, Hasib later falls to the ground from the window. The prosecutor opens a file for attempted murder. The family presents a statement in which it reconstructs its version of events, according to which four people 'in civilian clothes and without a warrant' but who qualified as 'state police officers' entered the house and asked the Roma for documents, which he would deposit it on the table. Then, according to a testimony, a fight would have arisen in the house. The family statement states that when the people qualifying as agents left the apartment, Hasib's body was left 'bloody on the asphalt, after falling from his bedroom window from a height of about 8 meters,' going to impact on the underlying concrete mantle '. The bedroom door would be found unhinged.

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NO MANDATE - What happened? Hasib's mother, Fatima, who at the time of the incident was away from home with her husband and other daughter, Erika, tells Repubblica that she was warned by a neighbor: 'Then the agents passed us, they told us that Hasib had fallen and was taken to hospital with a broken arm ”. In reality, the man has multiple fractures and a fractured spleen. Only after a week will the prognosis be dissolved. Erika reminds the newspaper that she met two plainclothes policemen at the entrance to the building and a policewoman who came out of the apartment: 'They told us that they had entered the house to check Hasib's documents, that the door to his room was already open and that he had jumped. But Hasib has never attempted such gestures in his life ”. And again the mother reports the words that Sonita told her: 'She took me to the bedroom and told me that my son had been beaten, kicked, punched, beaten and then the policemen had taken him for his feet and thrown from the window ”. Now it emerges that the intervening agents had not received any search warrant from the Prosecutor's Office, which so decided to listen to them to understand why they had presented themselves at Hasib's door. Deputy Riccardo Magi presented a parliamentary question to Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese. Yellow is anything but closed.

Source: oggi.it